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Could the puzzle caches show up on the map at the corrected coords?

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My region is saturated with puzzle caches - there is about 45% puzzle caches compared to other types of caches - mostly regular and some multis.


I've managed to solve some of the puzzles and I know that I can see the location of the corrected coords on that same cache page. However, if I'm planning a route I'd like to know that there are solved puzzles in the area I'm staking out on the big map.


Could this be something to be upgraded in the next upgrade, so that whatever the corrected coords are on the puzzle cache page (whether they are correct or not) would be where that cache would show up on the map (the large map).


Because I cache with my 13 year old son and our often-car-sick dog, I don't want to have to go all over town back & forth looking for caches, so we usually plan out a route where there are groups of caches, but I'd like to see that there are solved caches nearby. I know that we'll have to return to those same areas if new caches appear, but again, I won't see the solved puzzle caches in that area if they still show up in their original location.


Could this be something added? I think it might be helpful for us planners or any puzzle solver?

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On November 22, 2011, Moun10Bike posted:

That is because the functionality of this feature is not complete. An upcoming release will extend the corrected coordinates to PQs, the beta map, and the large map on the cache page.


So it's something Groundspeak has been aware of for quite some time.

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If you happen to use GSAK, you could update the coordinates via "corrected coordinates" and then use the GoogleMaps macro to display the finals on a map.


It's not as convenient as having them shown on the GC maps though.

You can easily have them show up on the GC maps using GCComment, a GreaseMonkey script (you need to install the GreaseMonkey script first).


It keeps its own database of solved puzzles, you can also mark them as "found" in GCComment to have them disappear again from the map. Great stuff. Many more features than just the mystery mover.


And when on the topic of GreaseMonkey, try Map Enhancements script: gives more map options, including Google Maps for non-PM. I installed it when Google Maps was yanked for all - even though I'm PM I never looked back. Now at least I can with a single click switch between Google and OSM.

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If you use GSAK you can export databases to http://www.cacheye.org/


I keep a GSAK database of solved puzzles with corrected coordinates. Then when I want to reload my GPSr with updated caches, I run a PQ of the area I want to go to and import it to a new GSAK database. Then I copy the puzzle database to the new PQ database, overwriting and duplicate caches. I export this to my GPSr and also to cacheye.org using the MyCachEye macro.


On the cacheye.org site, the map will display teh caches. Those with corrected coords, will display different that those with published coords.

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I'm so grateful for GSAK. I rely on it to plan all my geocaching trips.


Sometimes though I just want to check something quick and will bring up a geocaching map to look at some caches. I keep forgetting all the problems with the geocaching.com maps including failure to show corrected coordinates. The geocaching.com maps have been messed up for years. I think it's time Groundspeak concentrated on bringing the maps up to a higher level.

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