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  1. BUMP! Still waiting. I will bump until there bought.
  2. These are the domains below and how long they will expire in. Please post your offer. All domains expire after 5/20/15. Yes I know that i said 10 instead of 15. http://geocachingwi.com http://gpsstash.net http://itsnotaboutthenumbers.info http://itsnotaboutthenumbers.net http://madisongeocaching.com http://milwaukeegeocaching.com http://TRADITIONALCACHE.COM http://wa-geocaching.com http://wageocaching.com http://washington-geocaching.com http://washingtongeocaching.com http://wigeocaching.com http://wiscgeocaching.com http://wigeocachers.com http://tftc.co
  3. I agree with redsox_mark. Every reviewer is different and you should contact them if you have any questions. My local reviewer normally responds within a few hours.
  4. Can someone please invite me to the labs.geocaching.com website?
  5. The official Geocaching App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Groundspeak.geocaching&hl=en C:Geo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cgeo.geocaching&hl=en
  6. I think it would be great if Groundspeak could select users to Test the android app before it is released for the public to prevent bugs from the public.
  7. The hamsters have been "replaced"??????????? I never scroll down that far, and would have never noticed, if it hadn't been for this thread. TFTP Cosmetic change for change's sake. Oh, well, I guess someone got paid good money to come up with this new colour scheme/design. B. It really should be a hamster... and it should be clickable!! If it was clickable where ahould it take you to? I think it also would be fine with Signal the Frog.
  8. Unable to login to geocaching.com. I am going to wait until they fix it. They should realy have beta users to test theese things out before they release them and cause problems for everyone.
  9. This is a great question. Also Please ignore the people that say you automatically get denied by asking. Congrats on your first Geocache and welcome to the Sport!!! Groundspeak will contact you if they believe that you are an active and good geocacher in the community. Use a link below for more info.
  10. I personally like it but I already found a bug on it. I think they should create different themes every other month.
  11. On the home page and other pages i am signed in but when i go to the geotour page it says i am signed out. If I try signing in it just takes be back to the homepage.
  12. Sorry if this is the wrong place but have any of you noticed the new geocaching.com look. I was on the website and it just changed on me.
  13. Displaying the final coords on a map a person would be able to find the cache easier without solving the puzzle. What would be great if all Mysterys and Multis Require a Coordinate Checker.
  14. I agree with you. Groundspeak's Dev's Should work on this.
  15. I found a printed geocaching journal from journals unlimited. Would that work?
  16. I got an error saying I have already submitted this forum. I got past the first but the second never loaded and I pressed refresh.
  17. Good idea but then people could find puzzle caches by guessing at the coords and it will show them how far away they are. They would beable to find the cache without solving the puzzle.
  18. Right Click, save as, download.... Edit profile, upload
  19. How hard would it be to make a journal of logs?
  20. How cute, but won't she see this.
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