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  1. Please update the "Leaderboard" page. My AL has been completed 16 times. There are only 10 Activity logs. I have no idea who the other 6 who completed the AL are. The Leaderboard shows the first 10 who finished the AL. Why not show everyone? If it's GDPR, why are we getting to see the first 10? I can see the FTF and "Top 3" finders of each location. Why not all?
  2. Prior to the map changes, we were also able to filter out caches with "personal cache notes". Please reinstate this feature. I use this filter in combination with filtering our caches with corrected coordinates to generate a list of caches that I may need to solve. I use the "personal cache notes" as a way to mark a mystery cache as a "field" solve. Thank you
  3. @PlasmaWave Using IE11 both Google maps versions work OK. Only the geocaching map does not work. It wouldn't be an issue if I could set the default to Google maps, but every time I use the search map, I need to change from geocaching to Google map. Also, the sort dropdown does not show up in IE11.
  4. I have gone to the webgl link shown. My PC shows the rotating box. My PC is an HP ZBook 15 with NVidia Quadro M1000M graphics card. Hardware should not be an issue. I have since tested the maps on 4 different PCs (Win 7 & 10, old & new) using IE11. I have not been able to get the geocaching map to show on any of them. It wouldn't be so bad if it would remember my selection of Google maps. The geocaching map works for Edge, Chrome and Firefox, just not IE11. Has anyone been able to get the geocaching map worm in IE?
  5. Is Internet Explorer no longer supported? Or am I doing something wrong? Using the new map with IE, the "Geocaching" map does not display. I see only the cache icons on a grey background. Both Google maps display properly. Chrome works fine. Using IE I also do not have the "Sort by" option in the left panel. Chrome works fine. Also - the filter for "Personal cache note" is missing. For me this is a deal breaker. When I am looking to solve mystery caches in an area I want to be able to filter out caches that I have already solved (has corrected coordinates) and those that are field puzzles (I place a personal cache note to designate this) so I can easily see the ones I have not solved. As an example, within 30 miles of my home, I have 35 unsolved mystery caches. Without the filter for personal cache note, my result is 86 caches (that's 51 caches that are not puzzles for me to solve before heading out)
  6. I was surprised to see this change today. So far, I like it. I like having the most recent list used at the top, but I also agree that the current sort order is less useful if looking for different list. A good compromise would be to sort the list as it is currently done with the old method. Place the most recently used list at the top and alphabetize the rest.
  7. To me, the changes are neither good nor bad - just different. But, I think the new look could use some tweaking. > The "Geocaching Learn Play Community Shop" should be moved to withing the green strip at the top of the page. Learn should also be moved to the right end of those options, as the help button on most interfaces is to the right. This change would also eliminate some unnecessary white space. > The "View Geocache Map" page does not have the "Learn Play Community Shop" options. Also, the users avatar and number of finds is missing on this page. > I noticed on my Android device, that the Settings page has the "triple bar" at the right end of the green top strip. This is the only page I have seen this on. It works well and would be nice to have throughout the pages. Just my 2 cents
  8. When will distance from home be added to the subject of enable/temp disable/archive notifications?
  9. I was hoping to see the subject updated for disable/enable caches to show the distance and the subject for new caches to have a tag like (NEW) added to the front of the subject. Maybe next time?
  10. I just bought a Garmin Oregon 600T to replace my Garmin Colorado 300. For the Colorado I have a RAM mount for my bike, which attaches to the spine like the carabiner clip. This will work well for the Oregon also, since on the bike, I would have not need to attach a USB cable. For my car mount, I have the RAM cradle holder (RAM-HOL-GA27U) for the Colorado. This will not work for the Oregon. The Oregon version of the cradle mount is RAM-HOL-GA31U. This is similar to the Colorado cradle. This seems like a logical choice, but watching the video on GPSCity.com, it looks like it takes a fair amount of force to insert or remove the GPSr. Other options appear to be the RAM Finger Grip mount (RAM-HOL-UN4) Garmin also has a spine type mount for the car, but the spine mount looks like it would interfere with the ability to use the USB for power. Any recommendations? Thank you,
  11. The change from attachment to link is not an issue for me UNLESS the link expires or is overwritten quickly. When I run a PQ to download caches I intend to look for, the PQ is generally more than 500 caches, so I would not have received an attachment anyway. For this type, the new link is better. My problem may be for my scheduled PQ's. I have 2 PQ's that I have scheduled to run twice a week. PQ-Mystery - This is the PQ of caches in my Mystery database in GSAK. It includes solved puzzles and multi's I have started, and not yet finished. This PQ updates infor like active/disabled/archived and also adds most recent logs. PQ-My_Hides - This PQ of all my hides that I use to update the logs in my MY_Hides GSAK database, so that the stats I generate are correct. I typically load the Mystery PQ into GSAK about once a week or two. The My Hides update of GSAK is done less often - as time permits. If these PQ results are overwritten each time the PQ is executed (like shows up in the ready for download link), I will need to be updating GSAK every few days. This would be quite inconvenient. For Mystery's, missing a PQ wouldn't be a big deal, but missing a My Hides PQ may cause me to miss loading some logs, if the cache has many finds over a short time.
  12. Something has definitely changed. I have never had a issue when using field notes. Today I was logging caches I found yesterday. On the page with the list of caches found, the date is correct for my find, but shows off by about 5 hours. The finds were made at 17:00 EST but the page shows 22:00. When I use the compose link, the date changes from 11/13/2013 to 11/14/2013.
  13. Did you say DIAL-UP?! Yes. Yes, I did. Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control (and WAY outside the scope of this thread), I am stuck with dial-up access for the near future. There's no question that the new site design is a LOT slower to load, and doesn't provide significant enough new functionality (or, really, any new functionality at all) to justify the slower page opening. I wish there were a low-bandwidth option, but I'm sure they have no interest in producing one. And the squirrel is at the bottom right of the page... That would explain it. I almost never use that page. For a really barebones (low bandwidth) version of the website try wap.geocaching.com
  14. If you use GSAK you can export databases to http://www.cacheye.org/ I keep a GSAK database of solved puzzles with corrected coordinates. Then when I want to reload my GPSr with updated caches, I run a PQ of the area I want to go to and import it to a new GSAK database. Then I copy the puzzle database to the new PQ database, overwriting and duplicate caches. I export this to my GPSr and also to cacheye.org using the MyCachEye macro. On the cacheye.org site, the map will display teh caches. Those with corrected coords, will display different that those with published coords.
  15. I searched for something similar, but apparently didn't use the right wording. Thanks
  16. When looking at an area on the geocaching map page, it would be very helpful to have some indication of which caches you have entered corrected coordinates for. Also helpful would be to relocate the cache symbol to those corrected coordinates. In the same way that your found caches show up with a smiley symbol or disabled caches show up with a grey background on the symbol, caches where you have added corrected coordinates could show - for example - a green background. The reason for the suggestion is this. When I plan to go to an area, I usually like to solve as many puzzles in the area as I can. This could take days or weeks. Each time I go to that area on the geocaching map, I filter on puzzles, then want to open those I have not solved, to start working on them. It would be helpful to have those I already solved hilighted, so I do not need to reopen them.
  17. I have changed the coords for my unpublished/unreviewed caches to the coords of an existing one of my own caches. Thanks for the clarification. For caches hidden for events, YES we do get them reviewed when they are ready. We include a note asking to have the cache validated but not published - stating the reason. Our reviewer will then evaluate, and approve or deny, but not publish. He will then disable the listing and tell us to enable when ready for publication. Usually he will be quick to publish those caches when enabled.
  18. I want to make sure I understand when an unpublished cache can block another. If a cache has been placed, written up and submitted for review (published or not), I would expect it would block other placements until it is archived. BUT - if a cache has been written up and never submitted for review, will the coords used in this cache block anything? Theoretically, the reviewer is not aware of its existence yet (though I'm sure he would have access to the cache page). I have a couple caches in the works of write up, but have not selected a location. I had to put in fake coords to be able to start developing the page. I hope they are not blocking anything. If so, I will change my coords to something that I have already published. Another example of reasons publications are delayed is in preparation for an event. In this area, we have a monthly event. Often a few caches are placed and held for publication on the day of the event. Sometimes this may be a couple weeks.
  19. I noticed that the map on each cache page where the "View larger map" and "View dynamic map" links are, are still Google. With this being the case, does every cache page load cause one of those 2,000,000 Google map counts? If so, why not change this map to OSM? Then allow Google Maps if you select the "View larger map" link. For me, I look at many cache pages a day. If each view counts agains the Google maps counter, I am racking up a lot of hits. I only use the "View larger map" link a couple times per day - at most. Maybe making this change would drop the 2,000,000 hits down to something more manangeable. Maybe this and only allowing premium members access to Google maps would get the numbers in line with what Goundspeak can deal with. For me, it doesn't really matter which street map is used. BUT I really miss the terrain maps. And Google's satellite maps seem to be much better also.
  20. I like puzzles. I'll give it a try if you still need someone to take a look.
  21. When I try to generate a list of caches along a route I get an error 500. http://www.geocaching.com/error/500.htm I tried both IE and FF, both yesterday and today.
  22. The "My Friends" page has had both problems described for as long as I can remember. The "white space" blocks are caused by the ability to place whatever you want as your location. The longer the location, the taller the box becomes for that "friend". When the boxes in the same row are not the same size, the whitespace is the result. One of my friends has a "location" of "North Cape May, New Jersey, Originally Lancaster, PA & Holmes, Pa." This takes up 4 rows of text in their box - really stretching it out. The number of hides actually shows the number of hides that are still active. You would think this would be easy to fix.
  23. I agree with jholly. At the top of her GSAK stats, the maps are missing (IE8 and FF3.5.7). For my GSAK stats, there is no map problem, but I only show PA and it's not at the top of my stats. Also, the borders/grid lines are missing. This is NOT a GSAK macro problem - it is a GC.COM problem. The macro has not changed - GS.COM has. When I generate my results, they look as they always have when GSAK displays them. When I paste the results in GC.COM, then display them, they lose the grids/borders. It's a little less readable, but certainly not the end of the world.
  24. This cache is in my local area. I have 2500+ finds, and would need only a few finds to complete the requirements as they are currently defined. There are a number of local cachers who would have to find fewer than that to complete the requirements. I think the original requirement that all caches must be found after the publication of this cache is fair. You might think newbies would have an advantage. I don't think so. They may be able to get to 90-95% complete more quickly than those with thousands of finds. BUT to get some of these caches would require long road trips. For example, the nearest cache with a CO beginning with a 9 may be 200 miles from here. There may be one closer, but I have not uncovered it yet. I would think the newbies would be less likely to make this trip in order to qualify for this cache than someone who has thousands of finds. There are many other caches published that are not equally fair to everyone. Puzzle caches that are too hard for some to solve. Caches with physical requirements that not all can accomplish. Caches taht require boats (I don't have a boat). Caches that are not wheelchair accessibie. If all caches had to be equeally fair for all. Then all we would be doing is lifting light pole skirts and pulling MKH's off guardrails. I personally hope to complete this cache some day. I will create my bookmark list, including both past and future finds. I will designate them as such. I will not seek this cache until my list includes only caches published after this publication date. That day may never come, but I hope it does. Keeping your area "clean". It's not something to aspire to. It's not a requirement. It's not for everyone. It's just another form of personal challenge. I am fortunate enough to live in an area where caching is very popular. There are hundreds of caches in my area. I once had no new caches to find within 10 miles of my home. That lasted 1 day. I have not since been able to do it again. That's a good thing. Time to get off my soapbox and start caching...
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