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I agree regarding the short track history of the coins.


I located a Canadian one in a local cache and dropped it in another cache while on vacation in order to allow it to get some mileage. I checked the cache page shortly thereafter and noticed a new cacher had found it. He had about three finds to his name, took the coin, left something unremarkable, and hasn't had any cache activity since. What a bozo. :P


I would rather have kept the coin myself, but I prefer to see them keep moving.


Better luck next time. I hope to see that coin back in circulation one day, but don't expect it.



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I am seriously contemplating setting up my first Cache. I am intrigued by the geo coins and am ordering some to put in my Cache. I am wondering if there would be better luck in putting the geo coin in a cache that is for members only with the requirement that the coin goes to another members only cache. I know that members only does not guarantee anything but I think it cuts out a bunch of pirates who look for them for free and there may be a little more integrity in moving them along. Any thoughts or experiences with member only caches and if this may be more successful?



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I found my first geocoin in Prague, Czech. It was TX geocoin. There was written, you can track this at www.txgeocoins.com so I did. I rehided it to another cache, but wanted to have my own. I ordered one peace and man send me three pcs, because it was first european order of this TX geocoins, so I hided another 2 pcs.

This 2 extra was without payment, it costs me about 10 USD all including postal.

I have also one USA geocoin, but I receive it by post as a gift from my friend geocacher Dad and the Dynamic Duo (thanks to George). I like it and may be I will order 2004 series, or can somebody send me? This is little bit for me to pay it, because Slovakia is not on PayPal list. I can Yous Visa only, but GC.com is not accepting it. I oredered TB too, but from London, Englad because it was impossible to pay it directly in USA and sent it out from USA.

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