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  1. And that means this region needs more reviewers and this is exactly what I'm asking for Anyway, I will send my questions straight to Groundspeak, thanks! I replied in another tread. I am reviewing Poland with my czech colleagues together with another countries (13 total). I am sure we will try to find better solution. You can contact me via my profile if you need to speed it up. Igi = Geolens Reviewer
  2. Yes, it is true. Poland is also my territory with my czech colleagues. We had big overload in czech queue and Poland was on lower priority. We have solved this problem with new staff and now I hope things will go better. There is no problem to publish cache in Poland for me very quickly if everything is OK. My problem in Poland is that people use opencaching and very often bury caches and post photos with shovel (probably it is allowed there). I have to communicate and explain and so on. It takes time. Do not hesitate to contact me via profile in such case, it can help. I hope it will go better way.
  3. HI, thanks to Ri Viouveur to pinting me to this tread. I tried to reply before, something happened with server. So once more again - I posted reviewer note to this cache. Slovenia is my territory to review. This cache is now disabled = inactive. I am sure I checked slovenian queue. May be I skip over this cache, I remember your comment about not using GPS. Later this cache disappeared from my queue and I had no possibility to write reviewer note. Please, do not hesitate to contact me via my profile in future. It can speed up response. We have busy season. I hope I will do my best. With regards form Slovakia, Igi
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone !! Vesele Vianoce a Stastny Novy Rok !! Igi = Geolens Reviewer from Slovakia (east Europe)
  5. I PayPaled for 2 pcs, thanks.
  6. I use my geolens - 6cm lens from glass in leather case with sanding my logo and number for tracking at http://geolens.bilak.sk - also look to my gallery.
  7. Hi Saman, bring it to Slovakia too. Yellow could also be, because I have never seen Jeep TB. If anyone can send me it, I would be happy too. If You add some personal geocoin or other geoitem, I can send You my sigitem GEOLENS - look at www.sigitem.com at I section - Igi's geolens or http://geolens.bilak.sk
  8. I sent email. I can offer my geolens... kind regards from Slovakia.
  9. Email sent, I would like to have one.
  10. Email sent, I can offer my geolens - look at Igi's geolens at www.sigitem.com
  11. I sent email. I do not have metal coin, but I have something other - geolens from glass sanding with tracking numbers. Best regards from Slovkia, eastern Europe.
  12. Can anybody send me yellow jeep by post (or white after end of contest), and I will rehide it here somewhere in eastern Europe? There is not so big chance to find it. Email me and I give You address.
  13. I would like to have one piece, PayPal is OK. But You have to send it to Europe. Best regards from Slovkia.
  14. I would like to have one to my collection. You can send me more to travel to Europe if You want. I can rehide it here in Slovakia or some neighbour country. I have also PayPal, so email me.
  15. I buy 10 Travel bugs and put them one to every cache. You can think and bring ideas for their goal. May be go to Brusel or so...
  16. Thanks, I tried this and it looks working. I bought another 10 bugs for New EU cache in 10 countries, which become a member of EuropeanUnion in May 1st 2004.
  17. I buy mine at www.geocachinguk.com - there is on line store. But it was half year before. Now I wanted to buy once more, and I think, it is not working. I wrote email and waiting for responce.
  18. May be M4riush from Poland will do it too, waiting for his post. Also I tried to write to Cyprus, I found geocacher there. I think, Malta will be a problem - only 2 active caches and nobody. What about Estonia and other baltic republics ?
  19. I received email from Bunnycache in Hungary and waiting for post. We need six more
  20. Today I received first package - from CZ by Toniczech. Thanks. This cache started to born. I will prepare my part and send back. What about other countries ? We still wait for seven remaining ? Igi.
  21. Hello, I will participate on this multi cache. I am from Slovakia. Yes, It is true, Slovakia also have own non-GC.com page www.geocaching.sk but I try to do everything and tell to slovak geocachers, that GC.com is here and please them to register caches also here. As I know, in Hungary it is the same. Hungarian page is www.geocaching.hu, there are many caches registered only in local pages.
  22. Here is my link, Igi´s geocaching pages in my language, because Geocaching is new in my country. We have only about 30 caches and I want to help developing of this funny to other slovak geocachers.
  23. I found my first geocoin in Prague, Czech. It was TX geocoin. There was written, you can track this at www.txgeocoins.com so I did. I rehided it to another cache, but wanted to have my own. I ordered one peace and man send me three pcs, because it was first european order of this TX geocoins, so I hided another 2 pcs. This 2 extra was without payment, it costs me about 10 USD all including postal. I have also one USA geocoin, but I receive it by post as a gift from my friend geocacher Dad and the Dynamic Duo (thanks to George). I like it and may be I will order 2004 series, or can somebody send me? This is little bit for me to pay it, because Slovakia is not on PayPal list. I can Yous Visa only, but GC.com is not accepting it. I oredered TB too, but from London, Englad because it was impossible to pay it directly in USA and sent it out from USA.
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