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Unique Situation...Maybe

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I live in Shizuoka, Japan. Shizuoka runs along the coast just south of Tokyo. There is a cache in my area, right at the mouth of the river/ocean to be exact, and I believe that it is gone. Let me explain. 2 years ago or so there was a massive typhoon that came through this area and there was pretty bad flooding down in that area. I know of 2 caches that were actually lost during that storm. Anyway, since the typhoon that cache has logged 7 DNF's, it's a 1 star difficulty mind you, and the owner doesn't respond to messages. I've mailed him at least 3 times over the past 2 years asking if he could check to see if the cache is still there. I don't like hounding people and would prefer to never send a message to anyone so it's not like I mailed him 3 times in a week, it was over the course of a few years. Anyway, the description of the cache is in native level English so I'm suspecting that the cache owner is a foreigner, like myself, and that he's probably not in Japan anymore. Either that or he got into Geocaching and it didn't stick for very long. Anyway, what action can I take to get this cache disabled? Or at least get someone official to contact the cache owner and get him to verify if the cache is there or not......although I'm 99.9% positive that it isn't there.

Thanks in advance,



NOTE: I went to the cache owners profile and he hasn't hid or found a cache in over 2 years

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