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Please explain discovering

Jbird and Zip

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Initially, it was a means of letting the TO know that the trackable was alive and well.

Today, it's meaning has pretty much gravitated to your perception of what you observed, little else if anything more than that.


In other words, it has switched from "helping another" (letting the owner know where it is located, etc.) to that of "self gratification" (a personal numbers count game).


Sad, but true.

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I get how it's done, but am not sure why.
I do it so people know what's in the cache.


Before I take a TB from a cache, I have a plan on where I will place it. If I wouldn't be able to place it in a reasonable time, I log "Discovered" instead and leave it in the container. And mention which listed TB's weren't there.

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It's primarily for self-gratification: Inflating your numbers. I serves no useful porpoise.


Well, that sort of describes Geocaching in general, doesn't it?😎

But.... are porpoises really useful? Or would that be, are there useful porpoises at all? How 'bout inflated porpoises, would they be useful?

I see little use for a self-gratifying porpoise.

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