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When can I log a virtual cache?

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It's fine to log it. I often email the CO and log it as "found" right after, noting in my log that the email has been sent.


Presumably, if you somehow sent the wrong info, the CO will either contact you and let you know, delete your log, or not do anything, depending on how much the CO cares/if he/she is still active. :)

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Unless there is a serious chance the information you sent is wrong, or unless the CO specifically told you to wait with the log, I'd go ahead and log it.

How long ago did you send the information? You say you NEVER heard back from him, but if he's got a full time job, a family and caching commitments (or even a holiday), it can take some time to get back to you.

I'd give it about a week.

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If the description doesn't say I have to wait for confirmation, then I don't wait for confirmation and log right away after sending in the answers.


If the description specifically says I need to wait, I'd wait a couple days, then post a note saying I found it and are awating confirmation. After a week without a response, I'd edit the note into a find. I think I've only run into one case where the description said I had to wait, and then I didn't get a prompt response.

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I had a similar issue where I found some virtuals in Springfield, MO and emailed the answers to the CO using the email mentioned in the description, and also using the contact through their profile. After waiting 2 weeks I went ahead and logged the finds. It has now been over 2.5 months and I never did receive a response. Meanwhile, 16 other folks have also logged finds on one of those caches (didn't bother to check the other). I doubt that any of them got confirmation messages back.


I guess I now agree with others that you can log the find the same day that you send the email with the verification information.


Unfortunately, if anyone want to artificially pump up their Found numbers, all one has to do is find some of these unresponsive virtual cache owners. There's no point in it; but some folks will do anything for numbers.

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but if he's got a full time job, a family and caching commitments (or even a holiday), it can take some time to get back to you.

I'd give it about a week.

If they are still caching that is....


Just for fun, OP should check to see when the CO last signed on. There do seem to be a fair number of missing Virtual Cache owners. (And. No. I don't think a cache owner who has not signed on in four years is now using a smart phone...)

And that is why I log the virtual when I find it. (Also keeps my logs in order...)

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