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  1. I understand that this info is available when I click on the cache name, but it would be nice to save the step of opening another window just to get to this piece of info. When caching with kids (especially when you are just starting with geocaching, this is something I look for EVERY time. It is more important to me than the Date Hidden. It does not mean that I will never try find it, I actually just went for one last week (without the kids that had not been found in a few months and I managed to find it. I also tried to find one today that has not been found in months and could not find it, but logged it as a DNF. I think sooner or later everybody will attempt to find every single cache in the local area, no matter if it has been found in a while or not. I would assume that the owner of a cache that has not been found in months/years would check on it to make sure it is still in its place etc. It also does not matter to me if the cache is in good/bad shape when deciding which ones I want to try on a particular day. Hope this clarification helps
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the Date Last Found to that little 2"x4" window. I think if would be a valuable piece of info to have on that first little summary window, expecially to newcomers. I always look at that date to see if I want to go and try to find a particular cache. If a cache has not been found in months, I might skip it and go for one that has been found recently. This is also practical when caching with the kids. I know there is a list view somewhere that has that info, but I mostly use the map and in order to get to that piece of info, I need to click on the cache logo and then on the cache name. Seems like there would be enough space left on the 2x4" window to add this info. Not sure if anybody else would also appreciate this....????
  3. On our search last week we found a 5 gallon bucket - spaypainted with camo colors inside a huge dead fallen tree trunk. The kids LOVED it - sooo much stuff inside. It also had a official Geocache sticker on it.
  4. We have been using our daughter's ipod touch (4th gen). We put the geocaching app on it. At home, when we have internet access on it, we search for geocaches in a certain area and then save them to an offline list. We save them with all the info that is available for the cache (hints, photos, logs etc) and also the maps (incl. the aerial map). When we are out on the road on in the woods, she pulls out her iPod (now without internet access and without gps)and she can at least look up all the info and also get an idea where it may be located due to the map. We do this in advance when we know where we are going. You can save them in various lists (name them by location)for offline use. We recently saved over 200 geocaches for a trip from PA to VA and it helped quite a bit. You can save them individually or a group of 10, 20 etc (I believe you can select how many geocaches it shows and saves on a map in the ipod (there is a setting somewhere for this) or when you are a premium member, you can use a pocket querie.Hope this helps.
  5. I just started geocaching with our kids. We got the Premium Membership after a couple of weeks and also purchased our first ever gps unit (Etrex 20). I have some basic computer knowledge and managed to get a free topomap and local Geocaches with detailed info onto our unit. We had initially started geocaching with my husband's Iphone are quite spoiled from its Google and Satellite aerial maps using the geocaching app. I like how you can zoom in on a tree area and get a decent idea of approx. where the cache should be hidden. I am out with 2 young kids so looking for a cache for half an hour is not something I can get them to do often (my kid's frustration level is not the same as mine. However since we did not want to wait for my husband to get home all the time, we thought we'd be better off with the Etrex (plus some work :-) ). Is it possible to get that kind of map (basically like the one on geocaching.com when you click on the Satellite button) onto an Etrex 20? So you can clearly see the cache location and it's surroundings (buildings, trees etc)? If yes, are there step by step instructions on how to do this? If not, what is the closest alternative? I am sure I am not the first person to ask this question, but after hours of searching on this forum, I still could not find an answer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a link. THANK YOU!
  6. We are also new and just started Geocaching a few weeks ago and there were some that took us multiple (3 or 4)trips/attempts to find them. Some we are still trying to find, after multiple attemps - usually in areas with lots of plants/shrubs etc. I think we'll try again some of those when there is less greenery - i.e. winter, early spring. We have lots of Poison Ivy around here and I don't think it's worth getting that "just" so we can find a Geocache. It also seems to help to walk around the back of the suspected area i.e. when you are standing on a road looking at trees it seems to be easier to find/see them from the woods looking out to the road. Hope this helps!
  7. Thank you for all your answers. I logged it - next time I'll check a bit more into the recent history of cache and owner.
  8. Hi, we "found" a virtual cache on our trip / found the answer to it. We emailed the owner of the cache with the answer and never heard back from him/her. Is it ok to log this cache as found or do you have to wait for some kind of confirmation email back from the owner of the cache?
  9. Looks like I am able to get a used Garmin Etrex 20, however without the original USB cable. In order to hook it up to my laptop, can I use any brand USB cable (as long as one end is a mini-usb and the other a regular size usb) or do I have to get a "Garmin usb" cable to make it connect? The unit is being shipped today (so I can't take a look at the actual unit) and I'd like to order the cable now so I have it when the gps gets here. I tried to search this formum but could not find an answer in the various posts. Thanks for taking the time to read/answer.
  10. Hi, we just started geocaching as a family a couple of weeks ago. We don't own a gps, but we have 2 Ipod Touch 4th gen and my husband has a Iphone 4 with gps. Now the kids are tired of waiting until dad comes home from work to borrow his phone for geocaching. I've been reading online about various GPS models (mostly Magellan GC and Garmin Etrex 20) but I am also considering the option of adding GPS capability to the Ipod via bluetooth (Dual XGPS150A or Bad Elf, leaning more towards Dual model due to the battery). I doubt that we will ever use a GPS for anything but Geocaching, maybe hiking, but never for driving anywhere. I don't want to spend more than $150 and I am looking at all 4 options on eBay. Is anybody going Geoacahing with an Ipod Touch + added on GPS? Any feedback? I am still lost/confused if it makes sense to "add" the bluetooth GSP to the Ipod or if we would be better off just getting a "basic" GPS. Magellan: I read that once you have an older model that their support is below standard/no support so I am wondering if I buy a Mag. GC now and want to go Geocaching in 5 years from now if there is any kind of disadvantage to that. I am sure the roads won't change that much around here so as long as I can update newly placed geocaches we should be ok, right? Etrex20: I know it offers a lot more bells and whistels, not sure if we would ever use these.... I think the kids might have an easier time with using the gps enabled ipod (Geocaching app) than using a GPS unit. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. I also found out that people list their GPS for sale on here as well so I will keep checking that too. THANK YOU!
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