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Whats in your toolkit

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I carry a very small swiss army knife on my keyring and this has helped me a few times. It has tweezers which I always find very useful to get out the logs sometimes.


Edit: I also carry a torch - this is sometimes my iPhone - because micros can be hidden in dark holes sometimes.

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Picks, tweezers, extra pens and pencils, small flash light, magnet on an extendable handle. and a mirror on a extendable handle. These items go in a carrier in one of my cargo pants. I also have a Max-pedition pack that is in my truck. It contains swag, duct tape, small zip lock bags, spare log sheets, long sleeved shirt, spare batteries, sanitizing wipes, water bottle, and 550 cord. I also have walking sticks for my wife and myself and chore boots for sloppy days in the truck

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I recently bought a pair of tweezers, which incorporate a torch between the prongs. So now I can remove logs easily and look into dark hidey holes with the same tool! They were only £2.99 from TK MAXX and even came with a set of replacement cell batteries.


I also bought a head torch at the same time. I have a 5/5 in mind to use that for.

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I carry an eagle creek fanny pack that I converted to shoulder carry with an old laptop bag strap. It contains:

face cloth for drying out the inside of wet caches, flashlight, .5L water bottle, GPS, tweezers, log roller, cache repair kit, swag bag, personal sig items, bag of pistashios, pens, 3x5 file cards with my hit list and my finds list, extra GPS batteries, and reading glasses. I find that the small size of the bag forces me to be be effecient with what I carry. If I haven't used it in 6 months it comes out.

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