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Changing Cachce Status.


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I am a Basic Member. I like it that way, for my own reasons.


I downloaded a cache when it was first published, and printed off the sheet. I have traveled around 30Km three times to find it, and now that I have finally found it, I discover that the CO has changed his mind about it, making it available to Premium members only, and that I am unable to log my find without paying $30.00.


Leaving aside the question of why anybody would want to do that; it isn't fair. It wasn't always restricted, and it's not fair to change ones mind half way through.


It's not the money; I have my own reasons for not wanting to be a Premium Member, it's the principle of the fact that you put this cache up there for us to find, and then change the rules half-way through so that I/we can't log it.


I went to a lot of trouble to find this, and it is extremely galling to have the rules changed on me. If the CO replies to my e-mail, then he is being slow about it.



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There is a way for basic members to log PMO caches, but I'm not familiar with it. I'm sure someone will post a link shortly.


As for why the CO changed his mind about the cache, this often happens when a cache gets muggled a few times. Since malicious cache thieves and vandals tend to be non-Premium members, it lessens the chances of further muggling. That's not an indictment of basic members, it's just that idiots who get their jollies by trashing caches (and sign up just for that reason) are not likely to pay the PM fee

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Any logging page can be reached by adding the GCCode to the end of this URL. The geocachingadmin.com site posted above will build this URL for you. Or you can create it yourself




You've found the cache, log the find. (Please just log the find, and not complaints over the cache changing status).

The cache owner should not delete a legit find, the PMO status is NOT a license to delete finds by basic members.

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An interesting situation/topic...

Thanks to those who posted solutions! I never would have know otherwise, and it is handy knowledge as sometimes I let my subscription lapse when busy with other things or out of budget, yet may still have old PQ's/stale cache info from time to time.

There were some valid reasons I can see for changing a cache status, as mentioned earlier (muggles, etc)

Let us also remember to thank people for putting a cache there for us to find in the 1st place, with no reward except reading the logs perhaps. Some caches have had a lot of thought, time & effort put in to place them.... while a cache owner is responsible to maintain their cache placements, I'm not sure if there is a set rule about owner response time? people do have jobs & other important things going on in their lives besides this game; or might avoid or not know how to respond if they've received a negative e-mail? I adopted a cache out to another owner once, because of someone who came across as a bully via e-mails, so had no wish to meet/deal with them in person.


I'm curious what the cache in question is, as due to the effort put in pursuing the find, it sounds like it may have been quite a good one?


Happy caching [:)]

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