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  1. I am a Basic Member. I like it that way, for my own reasons. I downloaded a cache when it was first published, and printed off the sheet. I have traveled around 30Km three times to find it, and now that I have finally found it, I discover that the CO has changed his mind about it, making it available to Premium members only, and that I am unable to log my find without paying $30.00. Leaving aside the question of why anybody would want to do that; it isn't fair. It wasn't always restricted, and it's not fair to change ones mind half way through. It's not the money; I have my own reasons for not wanting to be a Premium Member, it's the principle of the fact that you put this cache up there for us to find, and then change the rules half-way through so that I/we can't log it. I went to a lot of trouble to find this, and it is extremely galling to have the rules changed on me. If the CO replies to my e-mail, then he is being slow about it. Comments.
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