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  1. I hope your avitar becomes the most downloaded one. Thanks for all the helpful people on here! I tried to load the map updates as described above( & was hoping to use the Fox avatar! ) but must have done something wrong & still repetetively get an error message when zooming in on the map ( & no fox)... so I gave up. BUT then clicked on the link at the bottom of Ranger Fox's posts, for the Webwigo online emulator, and it works great! yay! Thanks
  2. Yep, that pretty much sums it up simply, but... I would disagree with them being obsolete. There is no requirement by Groundspeak to post an online log & "earn a smiley" and one of the basic rules is to sign the physical log. Over the years I've seen many physical logs which were never claimed/posted online. Some left by cachers, and some from muggles. They were all interesting to read & part of the fun finding a well earned cache. Though finding these are definitely less common now that along with technology, popularity & numbers, the game has changed so much. Haha- "Binthair Party" That is really cool you still do that This reminds me to make the effort/ strive to put out better caches with proper logbooks for those that appreciate them And to do maintenance more often & remember to photograph some of the significant logs in case the book goes missing will have to post a photo of one later (when I have time to find it) Whatever suits your style, M/O , Happy Caching folks!
  3. Nope. Unfortunately, there IS no Wherigo-Button, because there is no Wherigo-App/Player on the Oregon 6x0s But thanx for the explanation. Ohhh well That IS dissapointing especially since it is advertised that Oregons do Wherigos! Since it seems to be mainly a software issue I'm wondering if it is possible to somehow download it from somewhere... the other option is to play the cartridges using a smartphone or pocket PC. I just test-played my 1st Wherigo, using an android phone & the free app called WhereYouGo.
  4. I just wrote my 1st Wherigo and loaded it on to my Oregon(an older 550)so that I can test it out before publishing it... When I plug the Garmin in with the USB I follow the path to view files: Computer-->Garmin(F:)-->Wherigo and just pasted the cartridge to the Wherigo folder. Normally when I click on Garmin(F:) there are 3 folders showing, DCIM (for pictures) GARMIN ( which has several files; but I mostly only ever use "GPX" to load PQ's and "visits" for field notes)and Wherigo. So then I booted up the GPS and couldn't find the Wherigo, but that was because I was looking for it under the Geocaches/ find a geocache 'buttons' ... finally I scrolled over and found a 'button' dedicated to Wherigos on my main menu. Guess I just never noticed it before! Hope it's the same for your device or you can get it to work on your phone. Good Luck
  5. Thanks Ranger Fox!! I was/am still waiting to gain access to the earwigo builder, but in the meanwhile still found their tutorial much more helpful than GC's so have got started using the WIG builder. So far I have created 3 zones and now about to attempt adding photo clues & hope I arrange it so they get triggered correctly, upon entering certain zones. Thanks for the links & tips! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later
  6. I recently picked up a FTF Curse TB so need to publish a new cache soon and thought it would be fun to do something different... so thought aha! I'll do a Wherigo! Perhaps a silly idea? since I have only ever done & "found" 1 Wherigo, at an event.... I was hoping to simulate a real cash treasure hunt that happened recently in our area,following the same steps & posting the same clues and photos once a person arrives within the correct proximities. So, I downloaded the builder from Wherigo.com and managed to create a zone around a start point (parking) , but am completely perplexed by the builder and am struggling to figure out how to use it. Can I use the emulator test a partially written cartridge to seem my progress so far? I really would like to create this Wherigo, but am finding it so difficult! (perhaps it's just me being thick, but the tutorials I've found seem a bit knaff :/ ) Any advice appreciated!
  7. somehow I missed seeing your reply earlier... thank you so much for answering! the tablet & phone are both android so now I just need to remember which e-mail I used to sign up! LOL *sigh* I thought I used the same e-mail address but couldn't find a record... and am travelling overseas without much contact with the other half who currently has the tablet/original device. So I bit the bullet & paid AGAIN to put the app on my phone. Which would have been OK, but I am finding it hugely dissapointing that solved puzzles are not showing up with the corrected coordinates. pfzzzzt. Wondering if I can get a refund...
  8. somehow I missed seeing your reply earlier... thank you so much for answering! the tablet & phone are both android so now I just need to remember which e-mail I used to sign up! LOL
  9. I've had a premium membership pretty much from when we started geocaching; bought the full app when we got a tablet ( cuz we didn't know about the free app >:/ ) and just got a smartfone... do we have to pay again to put the full app on our fone???
  10. Maybe even more than an attribute we just need a quick way to bulk add a large number of caches to our ignore list. That already exists. It is called GSAK. Not everyone wants to invest more time & money to learn & use GSAK It's easy to get a list & coords for a series or group of caches I'd like to find on Groundspeak, either by PQ, or doing a general search using a series name & clicking 'check all'& 'download waypoints' ... But I'd like it to be just as easy to ignore a series or group of caches I'm not interested in. Is there a way Groundspeak could add an 'ignore' button next to the 'download waypoint' button as another option after 'check all'? Or is there already any easy way (without GSAK) that I've overlooked?
  11. Anything new happened with this? Or is there already a way to easily ignore multiple caches (ie; a powertrail)without having to click & ignore them each one by one? (tedious!)
  12. It would also be great so that the ones you've already cracked are easy to identify, to include in your PQs & such... Also, is there a way to include personal cache notes in our PQs? So many puzzles have detailed hints included in the geochecker, which I copy to the cache notes. But often, I don't get to hunt a solved puzzle immediately & only look for it when I happen to be in the area & can't remember the hint from Geochecker.
  13. same problem again, uploading photos... pop-up blocker disabled, but no joy >:/ ... solution: use Mozilla/Firefox instead of IE Explorer!
  14. An interesting situation/topic... Thanks to those who posted solutions! I never would have know otherwise, and it is handy knowledge as sometimes I let my subscription lapse when busy with other things or out of budget, yet may still have old PQ's/stale cache info from time to time. There were some valid reasons I can see for changing a cache status, as mentioned earlier (muggles, etc) Let us also remember to thank people for putting a cache there for us to find in the 1st place, with no reward except reading the logs perhaps. Some caches have had a lot of thought, time & effort put in to place them.... while a cache owner is responsible to maintain their cache placements, I'm not sure if there is a set rule about owner response time? people do have jobs & other important things going on in their lives besides this game; or might avoid or not know how to respond if they've received a negative e-mail? I adopted a cache out to another owner once, because of someone who came across as a bully via e-mails, so had no wish to meet/deal with them in person. I'm curious what the cache in question is, as due to the effort put in pursuing the find, it sounds like it may have been quite a good one? Happy caching []
  15. I thought they were rectangles right now, and have been for awhile. Didn't they switch that not too long ago? Nope, I just tried it myself to confirm. I chose a heavily cache laden area near me, created a PQ from the map, then previewed the result on the map. I got a clearly circular area. Whether you create a PQ from scratch, or from the map, the only range option is for a distance from a point, which can only describe a circle. A rectangular area would need more information (at least two sets of coordinates for opposite corners of the rectangle). AFAIK, the only way to get a rectangular area is through the API using 3rd party software, and that was only added a few months ago. Wow, newsflash for me, I totally thought they were changed to squares, but I guess not. Thanks for the answers!
  16. That sounds like a great idea - Thanks! Another good option... haha I wouldn't mind if it were only a dozen, but over 50 is annoying! especially when poorly maintained and no "wow" factor or anything remotely interesting from the destinations Thanks to all for the replies/suggestions
  17. So now that the old maps are gone, I suppose this is another feature lost I would like to do PQ's of rectangular areas rather than based on radius from location, to avoid overlaps. Is there still a way?
  18. Hi, I know how to keep caches from loading on my PQ by placing them on my "Ignore List", one by one, but is there a way to Ignore a whole group (a powertrail) easily? I can do a search with the appropriate name, and All the caches on a trail show up; I can then click the box to "select all" and am given the choice to download all to GPS... so wouldn't it be great if there was also the option there to add these all to any bookmark list of choice?! Please let me know if there Is a way on Groundspeak and I just haven't learned it? and if it doesn't exist, Groundspeak- Please add the option!
  19. It would be great if Groundspeak would once again allow "virtuals" or some other similar new category, call it wonder,science, nature-caches... whatever.. the main point being we could again create caches to bring people to see some amazing places,phenomena or unique things in the world, but not be required to leave a physical cache, tub/logbook/junk. Some areas are fine to visit, but it is taboo,insensitive, impractical or environmentally detrimental to have a physical cache there.
  20. Hey... now the same thing is happening when I try to "upload field notes"! ackkk! pop-up blocker disabled... sigh
  21. Hi Geology Boy, thank you so much for your reply & solution! Have a great day & Happy Caching
  22. Thanks for all the replies! I'm not sure exactly what did the trick because I did two things at once. I downloaded another fresh new PQ and deleted the old ones from the GPS before loading it, rather than overwriting the old with the new one as I usually do. I will also make a point of disconnecting USB/GPS properly. Happy Caching
  23. I have been using a Garmin Oregon for quite a while now, and routinely download PQ's, copy & paste them to the GPX file on the unit, and go geocaching- yay! But recently I have headed out, turned the GPS on and discovered some caches I'd been hoping to hunt are missing from my GPS. aaack! I just double-checked the PQ. The cache concerned shows on the PQ. So I re-loaded the PQ file to my GPS(replace existing file- like I always do) unplug from USB ( as usual) power up, look for it ( find GC, type part of name) and it is not there. Am I the only one with this problem or is there something going on with PQ files? OR could it be some pop-up message I clicked and now only vaguely remember?... it sometimes pops up when I plug the GPS in to the USB and says something like "there is an error- would you like to fix it" which I usually just ignore. But I finally got sick of seeing the popup so clicked Yes. Coincidental? or? but I'm fairly sure it happened before the popup incident. It sux when you think caches are loaded, only to arrive in the vicinity & have nothing! can anyone help?
  24. I can still upload pics using my desktop, so it is not an issue with image size .... but when using my laptop, I go to a log, click "upload an image", browse for & choose the file, enter a file caption, then click the upload button... and the filename just dissapears & nothing else happens; no error message... I've had this problem in the past,and seem to recall needing to change some setting on my computer- but can't remember where/how! Can someone Please remind me how to fix this?
  25. I guess this is quite an old thread to dredge up, but it's the 1st one that popped up when I searched the topic.... LOL, the 1st use that came to mind was to track my dog but unfortunately after some reading, this unit & coverage does not include New Zealand so I dropped the idea. However another use has come to light- tracking friends while they are racing in triathlons (in the USA) but due to some recent dissapointment with other Garmin products, I would like to be assured it will work in the areas the races may be in, before I waste any more money. I haven't yet found where to confirm/guarantee there will be sufficient coverage. Anyone?
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