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Cache distance from home site

Mick McPhee

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I think I should study caches that have been placed in remote regions.


Then you need to look no further than the continent of Africa. One thing you'll find is that a lot of them have a local caretaker.


I cannot imagine any "maintenance plan" for such locations but since there are caches at geocaching.com - there must be some variant.


There are a couple of explanations for why you might caches in very remote locations listed on geocaching.com.


The "no vacation caches" guideline has not always been part of the guidelines. Some of those caches may have been placed before the guideline was put into placed and are "grandfathered". I've found caches by one specific cache owner in China and Zimbabwe. He owns caches all over the world but most of them were placed in 2002, before the "no vacation caches" guideline was put into place.


I also think that reviewer that cover more remote areas might give a little more latitude with the guidelines. Generally, I don't think we should be looking at specific caches in remote areas of Africa or Russia or caches in the U.S. or Europe and using them as examples for how the guidelines should be globally enforced. The geocaching environments throughout the world are so vastly different that a flexibility in the guidelines is pretty much a necessity.


BTW, I really appreciate your participation in this thread and getting the perspective from someone that is playing the game in an environment so different from what many in the forums see.

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If you take a look at my account, it's not just me, there are a total of 4 people on my account. I can add Grandma Incredible to my profile page, if it improves the quality of your sleep. :P
Maybe she should be Edna (E)...

Everybody needs an Aunt Edna or two. :rolleyes:

I think I have one in Hawaii. Maybe she'll maintain some vacation trache for me? :lol:

I might even have one in Europe. If I vacation there, I'll have to invent uh... contact her. :P

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Anyone ever have a reviewer question your ability to maintain a cache because it was 250 miles from your home site? I just did. However I have a family member who geocaches that lives close by the cache. I told the reviewer that the cache will be maintained. I can't believe there are not lots of people (who when traveling) do not stop to place new caches.

I was just reading the guidelines and saw where it was talking about the distance a person can place a cache. I'm not gonna link you to it because if you are placing the cache you have the choice of reading the guidelines or just checking that you did. Anyway Its not where you live that effects where you can place a cache. Its the consistent distance that you travel. So if you normally Geocache in a 250 mile radius often enough then the reviewer might let that slide. If you like the spot but can't maintain it you can find a local cacher or friend or what have you to look after the cache. You just need to make this known to the reviewer and it should go through no problem. This is not me talking this is all in the guidelines.

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