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  1. I don't have a problem with premium caches. But I have seen a lot of people putting out road sign caches and other P&Gs all over the place just to give numbers to there buddies. This is done in return for more caches. These are all premium caches that are not about the challenge. I don't see the fun in it.
  2. Plenty of "Free" caches out there you can look for. You could have got the "Free" intro app.
  3. I have a good one. I was at work. I had my work vehicle and had to take a coworker home early. He lives outside of my jurisdiction. A cache just happened to be released in a graveyard about 2 miles if that from the guys house. I pulled into the graveyard and got thinking about how it would look for my company vehicle to get spotted in a graveyard where it had no business being. I got off of work 2 hours later and I saw the dreaded geotrail of tire tracks. Sure enough I missed it by 45 minutes... Bock-Bock-Bock
  4. I realize this is the internet, and it's easy to forget that you're talking to real human beings, but a certain amount of politeness and basic civility are worth having in any discussion, no matter how strongly you disagree. I didn't say that he was dumb. I said that the rule was. Would it be better if I said it was a silly rule? I apologize if I offended anyone, but my bluntness was intentional as it reflected my reaction to what I had just read. Here's some more silly rules that people have. I got an FTF so I have to pay for it by placing a new cache. I have found a 1000 caches so I have to make sure that I pay my "taxes" by having a 100 hides. Rules like these cause people to become prolific hiders, but that doesn't mean that they are hiding good caches. A rule that says that I can't be critical of someone's practices because his 400 LPCs over-ride my 185 hiking caches would be a silly rule, IMO. Are you sure you have enough finds to be so blunt??? I have learned in my measly 3 months that I have been doing this that this is a hard place to have an opinion. I'm gonna try to keep getting finds and taking care of the caches that I put out and I hope everybody has a great time doing the same.
  5. Wow. What a dumb rule. We have a guy around here that is approaching 400 hides in two years. He drives right past his missing/disabled film can hides to hide another 20 film cans down the same road. And you think that I'm not allowed to criticize him because he has over twice as many hides as me? Thats what I'm talking about. Same exact thing. But how dare we talk about that. I guess the more caches you find the louder your voice gets. Tighten up.
  6. Like I have said countless times. I don't care about small maintenance problems they happen I get that. Its the ones that are broken or missing with countless DNF's and need maintenance notes that I'm talking about. I think I understand what you mean about being new into it and eager to find everything so whats wrong with that. If you can't get to your cache in 2-3 months you shouldn't have put it out in the first place. Groundspeak is saying what, around 4 weeks to maintain a cache? There is not a thing wrong with being eager to get some finds. I live in a rural area and there are not a whole lot of caches around without having to take a good day trip which I don't have the means to constantly do. So there is gonna come a time shortly when I am gonna run out of caches in my area. Does that mean that since the game slows down that I need to slow down as a cache owner?
  7. Nah its not the wet log sheets that bother me just the lack of concern for the caches you own. However I do see the point in putting a note with the log saying that the log is wet so the owner can see how frequent the log gets messed up. But its more of a missing cache issue than a wet log sheet
  8. Ummm, Needs Archived? Yeah thats what I need to do more of. Just got ill trying to find a place to cache tomorrow and seeing all the dnf/need maintenance on a lot of the caches in that area. Just seems harsh to put a Needs Archive on an active cachers cache but not as harsh as buying the gas to go find it.
  9. yeah that was basically what I was doing... feels good to vent sometimes
  10. replacing a wet log sheet isn't that big of a deal. I know some people have a problem doing that but that's just being courteous in my opinion. I don't have a problem with that. Here is an example. When there is a cache that has several DNF's in a row on a 1.5/1.5 and you know it is on a bridge that was replaced a year and a half ago. Can you please go check this out while you are logging a find 5 miles away. Geocaching is not a pyramid scheme. You put out caches for others to find. You look for caches that others have put out. Its not like you have no idea that your cache is missing or in disrepair.
  11. That is the whole point right there. Those that don't do it, won't do it. That's why we have the NM and NA logs. Yeah I like the NM and NA. I hate putting an NA just because I am new at this and don't want to rub people the wrong way (but I don't mind trying to get an opinion on it in a forum lol) That is the whole point of it though if you don't you won't like you said.
  12. I think that is ridiculous. Yes I've been doing this for three months but I have done a lot in my three months. Changed out at least 20 log sheets but I digress. I don't want to criticize anybody. I would like for people to do what is expected of them. Take care of what you put out. Its like anything else you do. If you are gonna do a poor job at it then why do it?
  13. Do you think that there should be some kind of cache maintenance day for owners to go check there caches. Some kind of incentive that would encourage slack owners to check their caches. I know there are a lot of inactive owners who have caches that are still being found so that could be an issue. But nothing burns me up more than seeing active cachers that are logging finds like crazy and don't maintain there own. What do the masses think or the owners of a cache logging a note at least once a year on their cache listing? Maybe not being able to place a new cache if a certain percentage of caches "need maintenance." I don't mind changing wet log sheets, even nanos that make my fingers ache when I'm rolling them up. But I get tired of trying to plan a little trip on a short time frame and seeing a slue of DNF's and need maintenance wherever I look. Maybe I'm just venting but if you care enough about the sport to take the time to put out a cache and to look for other peoples caches shouldn't you at least take care of the ones that you have for the other people who enjoy the sport. This has more than likely been posted a gabillion times but still.
  14. Yes that's what I did. They just got approve and will be release at 9:00 on the 19th. I told the guy doing the event about it just now and he wanted to see if I could move it to the 18th that way people who don't use their phones to cache can have time to download the maps. But thank yall for the help
  15. sweet. I didn't say what time I just put the date of the event. I might need to add that. Thanks.
  16. There is an event that the local guys are have on January 19th. It is in a State Park so they had to get permits to do all that stuff. I wanted to help them so they told me that if I wanted to I could set some out near the park. So today I set out 5 new caches. I don't want them to be published before the event so what am I supposed to do. I sent a note to the reviewer saying not to publish this cache because I am waiting for the January 19th event. Is that all I needed to do????
  17. I don't have a "GPS" I use my Android for everything from finding to placing caches. I don't know what your finances are like but if you have or can get a smart phone easier than you can get a handheld GPS then you should be good to go.
  18. I've been on since August and found number 300 this weekend! The only problem is that I am exhausting my local caches. So I have started to set my own out to encourage people to do the same. I am at least 40 miles from a decent sized city and like you am only able to cache on weekends. It kind of sucks because my wife isn't into caching yet so I am on my own. Luckily there is an event next month so maybe I can meet some new people.
  19. "I'll show you geocaching.com I'm gonna take a break and be back. That'll teach ya."
  20. many larger electric companies number there poles to be placed in a grid map. This helps in being able to find outages quickly. You can see the same type of numbers on telephone pedestals as well.
  21. Nano sizing would be good. Is it just me or does it seem like I am sending the same information to the reviewer twice when I am filling out the form to hide a cache. I click the preview button and I get an email saying that I have sent it to the reviewer. Then I try to fix my grammer and things of that nature then send it again. Anybody else think they are sending it twice???
  22. Thanks for your help. After going out and placing this cache this afternoon I made it a D3/T4. slightly painful straddling that limb.
  23. How do you know the reviewers aren't helping the community? Don't they Review under a different name than they cache under. Seems to me that people are quick to jump on a reviewer without thinking that they are great cachers themselves.
  24. My wife was going to a craft show with her mother so it gave me the whole day to go caching. I woke up at 4:30 and was on my way. I stopped at a McDonald's for a gut grenade and passed by two cops parked on the side of the road. They promptly pulled me over and informed me that one of my tail lights was out. Took both cars to do that. So no ticket and I'm off. I had plans to drive towards the beach and to eat at my favorite sub/pizza place where I always stop when on vacation and there was a cache in that parking lot. Before I got there I get to this little town that has quite a few caches in a tight little area that I could park at one spot and grab 'em all. Well there is a lot of traffic and the road is blocked off. Wouldn't you know it I was in the middle of a Christmas parade. So no caches there. I finally got to my favorite restaurant to find that on Saturday Dec. 1st they would be closed until after Christmas. I was there on Saturday Dec. 1st. I was so mad not to mention I came across a nano, while opening it to sign the log I saw that there was no log in it. So I made a new log sheet for it folded it up and rolled it, cut it several times to get it to fit. I made it work with my cramped fingers and empty stomach. Then I remembered the tail light and had to make it back home before dark so I wouldn't run into any more trouble.
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