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Challenging Michigan Caches


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Hey fellow cachers! I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I just moved to Michigan relatively recently and I'm looking for some physically challenging caches in the central Michigan area. I'm from Texas and we have some pretty rough terrain which is what I'm looking for. Something that will take more than an hour to get to and will wear me out. Thanks for the help!

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How about this one: Power Island (GC35) ?


Perhaps not the most challenging (unless to try to access it during this weather -- the remnants of SANDY) -- but it is geocache #35. That alone, makes it worthwhile.


North Manitou Island has seven virtuals, all with 5-star terrain. Most likely because you need to use a watercraft to get to the island. You can trust me though, there is some TERRAIN on that island, also. The island is administered by the National Park Service and that location will not have any container-type caches.


I dare say that you probably won't find too many 5 terrain caches in the LP. A couple do exist in the UP not involving water, though.


Bullwinkles Backyard 3.5/4

Superior Challenge 4/4

Tick Mountain 2.5/4

Treasures of the McCormick 3.5/4

Craig Lake NCT GeoQuest 2/4 (8.5 mile round trip hike)

The Forbidden Forest 2.5/4


BDWF2 Rock River Falls 2/3 Not an especially hard one, but it is a very nice stop-over during a trip from downstate!


Enough for starters?

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There aren't a whole lot of true 4 and 5 terrain caches in the lower peninsula that we have been able to find. There are some good caches that are moderately challenging around the Grayling military reservation. It is about two hours from Lansing. That area is beautiful, hilly, and swampy in parts. If you have a four wheel drive, some of the caches are fairly easy - no four wheel drive and you have some nice moderate hikes. A few good ones around there are Polo2003 (gcpnrp) King of the hill (gcxwww) and The view is worth the trip (gcvj8e). I heard that Silas Doty Cave (gctzvw) is pretty good. It is in south central Michigan. If you can do Wherigo's, you should check out Punishment (gc1wgte). We started that one, but had to quit early and couldn't finish. if you don't mind mud, it is a good terrain cache. Sadly, there really aren't too many terrain caches and many of the ones there are just involve climbing trees (which can be fun, but not as cool as a good strenuous hike)! If you have a free weekend, try going to the Upper Peninsula or head south to the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. I'm pregnant so I had to take a break from finding terrain caches for awhile, but my husband and I really enjoy a good long hike with some nice challenging terrain. Hopefully my kid will like geocaching!

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Silas Doty is in my neck of the woods and would be considered high terrain for the area, but not bad.


In the LP, check out some of the Menstown1 caches up in the Presque Isle County area. They get pretty lonely, but several will be 2-5 cache a day hikes. On the west coast, there are several dune hikes, which rank up there on the severity scale. The park on the end of Mission Point Peninsula by Traverse City also offers some great hikes. Sleepy Hollow Park, SE of St Johns has a pretty good hiking loop as well, especially the south end. I heard that Soy Based Biodegradeble Pixie Dust is a good terrain cache (GCCE91) offers a hiking experience as do many of the victorymike caches.


The UP will offer the highest terrain caches as a whole. There is an event on Drummond Island around the first of August that offers a relaxing retreat with some nice caches from what I have been told. Pictured Rocks has some great hikes

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