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  1. I can take these on. Username is Misty and Minou. I've done most of them in the past so know where they are.
  2. Glad to see I am not the only one having this problem!
  3. If you want a decent paperless unit, you can get some very good deals on the Garmin Dakota series especially the 10 (which I do have and find it does everything I want of it)
  4. I am not sure exactly how challanging your on about but the series of 3 Multi's in Meinart Park (Near Montague & Rothbury) were some of the best caches I've done http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=d5431c05-ef7e-49bc-a382-edf54dd1a11d Alternatively I know that there is a number of kayak caches on the White River as well.
  5. Although at the moment I ha ve no active hides, when I did I would make a judgement call based on which cache it was. In one instance I had 2 caches DNFd by the same person on the same day, as I was unable to get out for maintenance at the time I dropped the DNFer a note asking them about their hunt. Based on the response I got 1 of the caches got disabled and the other left active. In general if the cacher has a lower number of finds I'd not take action until another 1 or 2 DNFs appear. But again that does depend on how hard the hide is.
  6. What zones do you have for your travelcard? Because that will influence where you can go caching. I for one would reccomend attempting the WTF series over near Ealing. Or if you want a night cache the only 2 that spring to mind immediatly is "Z is for Zitting" and Torech "Ungol" both of which are more down the extreme route.
  7. I have one and yes it's very easy to use and operate, at it's most simple it's drag and drop PQs into the correct folder.
  8. Hmm I can't remember the name of the person but was it the comedy episode with Rowan Atkinson as part of Comic Relief?
  9. I use neongeo for caching and find it works great for me if I am out and about.
  10. I would normally use http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ for any maps that aren't the UK. You just select the country that you want and enter your email address, wait and they send you an email with instructions on how to collect your map. But the site seems to be broken for me today
  11. If a deal looks too good to be true it probably is
  12. If you adopt a cache and have previously logged it as found you will retain the found log. I own 2 caches where I am also the FTF all because I've adopted the cache. Also I will occasionally log finds and then delete them on my caches purely for testing purposes.
  13. And that is a ding for the Patrician. Famously stated by Lady Caroline Lamb
  14. Thanks for the ding, hopefully an easy question who was described as "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know?"
  15. I recently adopted a couple of caches that I had previously found, should they still be showing as a smiley face on the map? Or should it display the stars? I think I would prefer it to display the stars.
  16. Would it be possible for Pocket Queries to be added to Geocaching System Status A couple times in recent weeks that particular server has had it's issues and I for one have been left waiting for a PQ to run that ended up being 6 hours later than I expected it,
  17. Wasn't he sentanced to death and die from drinking a glass of poison?
  18. Seemed to work ok with neongeo earlier on,.
  19. AFAIK there isn't a setting to simply show your DNFs on a map. What I do is bookmark all of my DNFs on a hidden bookmark list so I get notified when someone else either finds it or DNFs it, that way I can tell if I was at fault or not. Then you can create a PQ from the bookmark list and display that on the map, this will even display the location of caches which have since been archived as well.
  20. Ahh the penny drops, I've been loading the Dakota with the full 2000 caches, that explains what's going wrong. Thanks for the other options as well
  21. I am having an issue with my Dakota 10, if out in the field and want to enter the next stage to a geocache ie. once youv'e solved a multi cache using the "Enter Next Stage" function the unit just route to the original co'ordinates, or come up with route calculation errors. Is anyone else having this issue? I know that a workaround is to route to directly to the new coordinates and then go back and mark the cache as found for the field notes.
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