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Grabbed before I log the drop


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Hello all,


I'm just coming back from holidays in "La Reunion" and as there is no internet connection from there, I logged all my cache when I came back.


the issue is related to TB19KH0.

I grab it there in May 2012 and drop it there on 16/10/12 .


But as I log it on 26/10 this coin was already grabbed by timsam29 .


Is there a way to fix it and log my deposit ?


Best regards,

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First of all, make sure you get your terminology straight. You didn't grab it, you retrieved it.

If someone grabs it before you can log a drop, contact them through their profile and ask them to remove their log, so you can grab the bug from them and log your drop. After that, they can properly retrieve the bug from the cache you dropped it in (where they found it).

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This happens an awful lot because the time to get to a computer to post your tracking logs is sometimes longer than it takes, in some cases, for another cacher who was right on your heels to retrieve the coin and log it out before you got a chance to log it in. I agree with the Spooks.... don't sweat it, the coin is now properly logged and tracked.

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In addition to all this good advice and comment you might considder not to retreive a trackable from a cache when you know you won't have internet to properly log it. 10 days after the drop is quite some time. In these cases you might think about discovering the trackable.

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