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Geocaching for Iphone 5.0.1 Release Notes


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What's New in this Version


・ Find count is updated correctly on app start up

・ Improved responsiveness for users with large amounts of saved lists

・ Shows user's trackable inventory when offline

・ Logs in Japanese show up correctly

・ Links from Facebook or Twitter correctly launch app to the correct cache

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I have updated my phone to the apple iOS 6, my screen jumps a lot when I am in the maps, also I cannot zoom in anywhere close as I used to. I hope updates for the app are coming soon, it is very frustrating to be so close to a cache yet so far away!

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I'd love if the next release allowed me to attach photo's to my TB logs. Many TB owners want pictures of their TBs and it's very annoying to have to log it on the iPhone and then edit the log on the website to add a photo.




And adding the possibility to add a picture and a tb drop to a fieldnote log would be nice too!

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