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  1. A different member of themoiety weighs in tonight; this is R "One Reviewer and one Land Manager...yeah, not worthy of attention because the usernames don't have a lot of "finds" under them." Yep - that's pretty much it. You've flown a plane ONCE - oh, looking on from the jump seat...? Fascinated by all the pretty lights... yeah, I'm putting my luggage up top and settling in for a peaceful ride. I trust you completely. Please... guide us all. Oh and folks we've got a "Land Manager"? Gosh, we're all really impressed down here. Can't wait to see your framed certificate and enameled lapel pin. Got one for crocheting, raccoon management and interpretive dance too? Cool. I'm sure a self-righteous "Land Manager" with only 1 Event under their twee Abercrombie & Fitch belt is supremely qualified to properly assess a GZ they've never EVEN FREAKIN' WALKED - and never will. Dear LM - find some caches - 4? 10? maybe even 32? Oh heavens you're soaring into the clouds. Get to 100 and you're ON FIRE! We will all be dim lamps unto your feet and gratefully accept what words of cache-killing wisdom you deign to grace us hot, sweaty actual cache-finding log-signing peasants with. Recap: Got one Find? Your opinion is worthless - deal with it. Pax out. R
  2. (I was involuntarily autocorrected to "dadgum" above!")
  3. No, IslandsandOceans doesn't look like a Cacher at all. Looks like a dilettante to me. That was my point. And where is the proof that logs have been deleted? Someone with two caches makes a random comment? That is proof? Yes I am a (reasonably) local Cacher but I do not know anyone involved personally. And neither does anyone involved in this conversation as far as I can tell. The cache has been located in this spot for ten dadgum years with no problem and just now it is a national event?
  4. Lol, I do too GeoJunkie! But what I don't like are long distance sanctimonious know-it-alls throwing our local cachers (especially new cachers) under the bus when all they did was ask a question and especially throwing shade at our reviewer who rocks btw. One person needed to answer this post and all they needed to say was email CO.
  5. The poor newbie that started this thread pretty clearly stated that they would prefer not to antagonize the local caching community. Whoever put the "needs archived" on the cache page (some Cacher from Alaska with one find?) linked to this conversation in his post instead of sending to the reviewer directly. Now half of North Georgia knows who it is. Way to go.
  6. "you had bad HTML in your cache description" [Edited] It worked just fine before, and now GS has crippled A LOT of puzzles and associated content. And this is what we get for our Premium membership? It's Broke - Bye. See Ya. No how to? No here's what happened and how to fix it?! Were this a for=profit site the stakeholders would be coming unglued... oh. wait.
  7. What happened to the 'map it' function? Am I just missing it or is there another way to enter and map coordinates?
  8. I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to test drive the new maps in my well-populated, heavily-cached area. ...if they would actually load. Srsly - I'm in IT and know a utterly botched deployment when I see one. See, there are these things called load testing and QA - GS should look into them.
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