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Cache Page Creation

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I'm trying to create my first cache page, mainly from cribbing others and from the useful info here.


Other than asking if there are any other useful resources the other quick question I have is how to create a horizontal line. I've found the syntax:-


Text above line <hr color="green"> Text Below Line</hr>


However I don't seem to be able to change the colo(u)r e.g. by doing:-


<HR COLOR="purple"> Text </hr>


All I seem to get is that thin pale grey colo(u)r. I'm sure it's something really obvious to you HTML coders but I'm stuck. Thoughts ?

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To color the line you need to add an inline style: <hr style="color:green" />


BTW: There's no end-tag for <hr> so you just use it as is: <hr> or <hr /> in XHTML. (Thus text between <hr>some text</hr> is incorrect.)




Mr. Terratin

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