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  1. Putting aside the cost for the moment, I'm also in the category of not very good eyesight and needed to replace my Oregon 550 with the Montana. Having done a side-by-side comparison in the field the Montana just edges it by virture of screen size; the newer Oregon (600 series) being much clearer than the 550. As for the learning curve, there will be one for any GPS unit so I'd suggest the best way for her to learn is meet up with some cachers in the local area and ask for help; one lady asked me for help as she'd go a Montana and seeing mine came over for a chat. I was more than happy to help.
  2. before I respond I'll declare Garmin bias (ex Oregon 550 now Montana user). Paperless caching - I won't say this is essential, as there's cachers in my locale that just use a paper survey map. For the rest of us I'd say it's essential as lets you download a list in advance; this is the disadvantage as you have to plan where you are going and copy across files. Having prior logs, the hints, D/T rating and pictures with you can all help. It's up to you if you want/need to use them. Maps - Mineral2 is correct you don't NEED a map to geocache but, having done caching in urban areas a map can help to determine which side of road/parking/etc. Living in the UK I use Open Source Maps and you should be able to get them in your area. Camera - Not essential that it's included with your device but you should have one of some description as there's caches where pictures are required to log e.g. virtuals. Size - I started off with an Oregon and it was very useful being the size it is, however not having genetically good eyesight I found the screen size small. Upgrading to a Montanna helped but you need to be aware of the size/weight increase especially if you're out for a whole day. Phone - I do have an iPhone 4s and the official app that I have used if I'm somewhere and fancy and quick cache but haven't got my GPS with me. This is useful but it requires a 3g signal and I'm personally not convinced about the accuracy compared to my Montanna. Ultimately, as you'll find on other threads, it should be a decision based on your needs/style so I'd find a local group/meet and have a look at different units yourself.
  3. My renewal isn't working. Despite updating the card details and getting the message:- "Success! Your billing information has been updated." I'm still seeing a historical renewal date "Your Membership will renew on 03/02/2014" I don't appear to have had the automated email (like The Grey Man) but could have missed it. Am I going to have to follow Cardinal Red and get myself a gift membership ?
  4. Looks like the fruity firm has an issue. Early adopters may wish to have a manual backup.
  5. Not sure where the negativity on the Montanna comes from but as a user of that device I should point out it covers the OP 5 criteria:- Yes. It has the ability to use lithium-ion pack or 3 AA. Recharging is via a generic USB -> MiniUSB cable between the Montana and your power source; no need to remove anything. For me anyway is really clear & bright however I have had occassional difficulties in bright direct sun. Dependent on the type of map you have, yes. Yes, paperless caching via load of GPX files from a PQ or via GSAK. Yes but this does cost. For me, the ariel/satellite isn't required and I use the free open source maps. If I really needed satellite I could use my iPhone.
  6. Question for the techies amongst you. Due to some issues with missing entries and duplicates I've needed to recreate the geocache_visits.txt file. Is there a way of taking this as a source to create an updated/correct geocache_logs.xml file ? I have an editor so could do it manually but that could cause errors and be a bit time consuming.
  7. If I login with my facebook account, on the pocket queries page I get:- "Never (No Finds)" with the Add to Queue button greyed out in the section 'My Finds'. If I signin not using the facebook option I get a Date/Time stamp with the Add to Queue button available.
  8. Permission - What's that then ? I thought all you go is get a film cannister and throw it into a hedge...
  9. I'm trying to download an earlier Podcast via iTunes and get the message The URL "http://traffic.libsyn.com/ukgcpodcast/full_show.mp3" could not be found on the server. I also get this if I go to the website:- Error: 404 Not Found There was a problem processing your request! Details: Attempting to load: http://traffic.libsyn.com/ukgcpodcast/full_show.mp3 Previous URL: http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/ Is it just me or are the earlier ones not available ?
  10. This is the third satellite of what is called "Block IIF", which is the latest generation of GPS satellite. There will be a total of 12 of these Block IIF satellites. The Block IIF satellites have more powerful transmitters than previous generations, so should help accuracy a little bit. This is the main immediate benefit to the geocacher. They also have a new civilian signal (called 'L5'), although you'll need a receiver that can receive this new signal. Though, I'm not sure if the new satellites are transmitting the new signal yet. The building of the next generation, Block III, is already underway. I'm not sure what new features it will provide. According to this the margin of error should go down to 3 feet with an increase in power to receive in difficult locations (urban canyons and tree cover). Even with this I still think finding a small bison in a tree will be just as difficult.
  11. I use Maha's Powerex branded 2700 mAH AA-size NiMH in my Oregon 550. Never had an issue.
  12. There's loads of features that although you think meh, they are actually very useful. If you lived in England you could have come to a training event last Saturday run by Cass who spent 3 hours showing us all that it could do. We also got a 78 page instruction guide as well Her personal website is here which has some info on version 8.
  13. I'm trying to create my first cache page, mainly from cribbing others and from the useful info here. Other than asking if there are any other useful resources the other quick question I have is how to create a horizontal line. I've found the syntax:- Text above line <hr color="green"> Text Below Line</hr> However I don't seem to be able to change the colo(u)r e.g. by doing:- <HR COLOR="purple"> Text </hr> All I seem to get is that thin pale grey colo(u)r. I'm sure it's something really obvious to you HTML coders but I'm stuck. Thoughts ?
  14. The other thing you want to consider is if you're likely to do Wherigo caches. As far as I'm aware it's just the Colorago and Oregon series that support this. I've got an Oregon 550 with Talky Toaster's Maps as it's been really good for me.
  15. I asked Trimble this morning as it stopped working on my N8, here's the response:-
  16. I did my first and to date only Wherigo (The London Wall) with hublander, beanie28 & sammyjw on the day of the Lord Mayor's show last year. It was enjoyable given the company and good weather but some observations:- 1. Stability - Based on advise there does seem to be stability issues and there is a definite need to save in every zone otherwise if the app creashes you have to go back to the very start. 2. Zones - there was a noticable difference in how the zones were triggered. I have an Oregon 550 with Hublander having a smartphone and on almost every zone the proximity detection was different, in some cases by quite a large margin. I should add that this may not necessarily be the fault of Wherigo but it was an interesting if frustrating observation. 3. Play Time - I know that there's a 'suggested' time but it would be nice to know how many zones are used, or distance covered, to better gauge effort.
  17. Absolutely, all we need is a picture of GPS technology, in this case a Garmin eTrex, and we all go weak at the knees.
  18. I'd be curious as to your experiences. I have a OR 450 and I find bright sun the best for viewing maps. Is that not true for photos also? I also have a Nuvi 295, taking a photo or reading a map in bright sun is virtually impossible. The map screen was the better of the two, the screen on camera view in the sunlight I had was appaling and on some occasions unviewable; it was too dark and I had to guess at taking the picture and then walk to some shady area to see if had come out. I also had some occasions when it was overcast and raining and did find that the map wasn't as clear as I'd have liked. Having had a bit of a play I think it really depends not just on whether it's dull/sunny but also the type and angle of light; it shouldn't but as you say, sunlight does help. I do have a Zagg shield which somehow I managed to take a chip out of that makes using the touchscreen a bit tricky but I don't think that makes any difference in visibility. Looking at them on my PC the images have come out fine though. Given the choice I doubt I would buy this again; next time it would be a separate digital camera with GPS functionality built-in or a smartphone, and a separate dedicated Geocaching device with just the core features that I need (strong signal, clear display in all light, like my ipod touch, and pocket query capability). I know now what is really important, I didn't before I started - hindsight eh? Had I been in the US I might look at DeLorme as an alternate, or a Montana 650, but in the UK we're pretty much restricted to being overcharged for Garmin devices.
  19. I was out this weekend with my Oregon 550 in the sun and as per usual had a load of problems with viewing the screen. At this price I'd be very tempted to go for it but...I'm in Rip Off Britain and the best price I've seen for a 650 is £550 ($884)
  20. I was out this weekend with my Oregon 550 in the sun and as per usual had a load of problems with viewing the screen. At this price I'd be very tempted to go for it but...I'm in Rip Off Britain and the best price I've seen for a 650 is £550 ($884)
  21. Fine for me today. They'd probably been overdoing it on their new abode.....
  22. Sure will do. I think the problem was with those types of caches as I was out the next day and found 5/6 in 2 hrs. I should add that yesterday's were easy Church Micros with limited hiding places. I suspect that the problem I have is with my ground search technique. There are loads like the ones I DNF'ed in woodland near me so I really need to get things sorted. I did read the hints and logs and even rang a cacher I know (hublander) but came up with nothing. Very disappointing after 5.5 miles of walking.
  23. Another newbie in Romford, Essex. Tried 5 today and got a fullhouse of 5 DNF's
  24. I can't get my Polar HRM to connect to an Oregon 550. I've upgraded the Oregon to the latest software and I know the HRM works but they can't see each other. According to the Wiki the only issue (F8) relates to the distance between the HRM, GPS and HRM receiver(watch). Any ideas as to where the problem is ? Thanks.
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