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Looking for Cache maintenance help in Ottawa


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Hello everyone,


I place Magnifi-mint (GCGQGR) behind the Royal Canadian Mint many years ago, it has been muggled, replaced, moved, moved again, muggled, etc... and once again it has found itself AWOL!!


The cache


I would love it if a local cacher (preferably one that has found it before) could fo an check on it. From what I can understand the wall it's tucked in may or may not have fallen down. It may be buried or just placed out of reach by a previous cacher. Can I have someone go to the site and snap a photo of the wall for me.. I can then highlight where I recall it being and have them check on it.


I would really appreciate this, I am in the Canadian Forces and now posted to Calgary. I promised I would keep care of this with the help of local cachers and they agreed to help out when it was first placed. It's almost 11 years old and I from what I understand is in the top 1000 pre loaded Magellan caches(?).


Thanks a lot, if necessary I'll pay for it to be replaced with a new cache.



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This was my eighth cache find ever! I found it, on a second attempt, on September 7th, 2003 with my son, and several times since then with visitors.


I'm sorry to say the cache is gone, but more importantly the cache hide is gone too! There seems to have been something of a landslip at the GZ and the little cave is either gone or totally buried. There was no sign of the cache at the GZ and no place to put a replacement cache either.





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