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500 - Server Error

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When i try to preview a pocket query or download waypoints, ... the response is very slow, sometimes i receive a "500 - Server Error".


On <!-- Server: WEB20; Build: Web.HotFix_20120509.1 --> and <!-- Server: WEB19; Build: Web.HotFix_20120509.1 -->


Geocaching System Status says everything is Healthy

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Domo again!!!


Here's my scheme that leads to Error 500.

In Safari, I try to post a log (Found or Note) with a couple of TBs to dip or drop.

I hit post, and after a long wait, I get a 500 error.

Interestingly, the log is actually posted.

Weird thing is, only the very first TB (or sometimes the first few) that has been chosen to visit or drop is done so, and is recorded in the TB page.

All the following TBs are not moved properly, and are not logged at all.


I try to pass through all TBs I carry even if the y don fit in the cache, for the TB's Mileage & it's traveling history.


I really hope this gets fixed soon.



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Two days in a row I've suffered with this problem. The day before that was the site update. So that's three days in a row the geocaching.com has not been available for an hour or more.


I really wish they would put a higher priority on being available closer to 24/7.

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