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  1. Coins for the Otepoti, Aotearoa event arrived yesterday. Very nice. For those that might be interested details on any left over after the event will be posted here - after the event.
  2. I call dibs on 11-12-13! I'm with you keeewee, but our American friends will want to have it on the 12 November!!
  3. I can't share the enthusiasm. Especially on behalf of international hosts. Which coins are shipping on the 14th and which coins are shipping on the 17th. Are the international coins in the first batch? Just a little information would be helpful to international hosts who may face other delivery delays due to shipping and customs. Instead of just sharing the news with selected people at events how about sharing it with all the participants.
  4. I did. Thanks! :-) +1 But I do worry about the revised shipping times, it maybe pushing it for some OS events, I have waited 34 days for a shipment from the US to AU.. Now that is the longest but 3 weeks is the norm, so a delay of one or two days could mean they do not arrive in time for the event, what is oakcoins buyback policy on the coins if the worse case scenario and delivery after the event happens. Couldn't agree more. As funkymunkyzone mentioned above selling these coins goes some way to recoup the cost of putting the event on. The best time to sell these coins is through pre-orders or at the event. No one is interested after the event. I'd also be keen to have someone from Oakcoins respond to AlliedOz's question re buyback for non delivery.
  5. Here is the artwork for the Dunedin, Wellington and Invercargill, New Zealand events. We are not participating in the trade, however any coins left over may be offered to other event hosts but this is not guaranteed. Edit: Bad grammar!
  6. Email sent to Michael. Waiting for invite and access to spreadsheet.
  7. I think the term 'Missing' might be jumping to conclusions. If you look at post #206 Sivota only received the box around the 16th July 2012.
  8. Yeah, the "date confusion" multi event series. We can have 132 of those events every year! Now that's funky!! :D
  9. Ammo Can Caching 14 day t-shirt promotion ($US17.15) If we sell 40 or more it goes live! Less than 24 hours to go. Get a cool tee here.
  10. The unique feature of the 8/8/8 to 12/12/12 series was that no matter what the date format your country used whether it be DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY you could still participate as it didn't matter. Anything with the date beyond 12 is always going to be confusing for one group of people and be fine for the rest.
  11. The price at geocoinstore also includes the new version of Chris's Tempting the Fates coin made to be packaged with his book and available only at Geocoin Store when you get the new book. Too bad I missed that info. I would have ordered from there in order to get the coin with it. Any way to order the coin separately? Missed that info too. Anyway to get the coin separately?
  12. 500 - Server Error
  13. The 11/11/11 coin had a clock face with the hands at 11:11. With that in mind I'm not a fan of the watch idea, nor am I a fan of a Christmas theme either. My opinion here is let the event, and the coin, stand by itself - not associate itself with another event. I suggested a 12 sided coin early on and liked funkymonkeyzone's drawing although I'm not a great fan of the digital clock. Avroair mentioned that he had a design from a few months back. I'd sure like to see it and any other designs that people might have.
  14. This is exactly what I had in mind when I suggested the 12 sided coin. Can't say the same about the digital clock but it might grow on me. Well done Chris. Papa
  15. I'd gladly pay an increased membership to have the Google maps back. Am I alone? I have them back, and it didn't cost me a cent. Same here!!
  16. We think this is a great idea too and have been looking into options. In New Zealand the option is to get a personalised plate. Guwapo's CacheMobile will soon be sporting one from Plates. I'm sure other countries and US states have similar schemes.
  17. Does Avroair or any of the other hosts have any thoughts on designs for a 12/12/12 coin? The 11/11/11 coin had a clock face on one side with the hands at 11:11. While a clock face would be an easy choice for 12/12 having already done it the previous year would, in my view, be a little tiresome and give the coin less value. What do other hosts think about a 12 sided coin to add to the uniqueness and differentiate it from others in the series? I'm not sure if such a design would add to the cost or not. Others may know and be able to share.
  18. Where did this coin come from? It's pretty and I sure would like to have one! We will keep you in mind if there are any left after the events.
  19. New Zealand coin for Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin events arrived in Dunedin this afternoon.
  20. I've just heard from Guwapo's Mama that there is a box waiting to collect at NZ Post. Customs Declaration states "Game Tokens". I wonder what that could be!!
  21. Actually all the people who have posted here are Premium Members. No one that has posted here (or complained for that matter ) is getting something for free!!
  22. Dunedin, New Zealand is in!!
  23. Today I've run two PQ's. One is the MyFinds PQ and the other is a PQ for my own caches. Both have shown as being run (with a bold data and time) but do not show in the queue for downloading. I receive emails for both PQ's and am able to get the file for the MyCaches PQ but the MyFinds email (1007 finds) points me to the website and the "PQ's available for Download" page - however the file is is not shown as being available for download. I expect to be able to click on the tab and be shown all PQ's available for download, including the MyFinds one. Note: I also tried to access using GSAK version 8 but again the PQ's just run were not being shown as available. Cheers
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