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Intersection / Intersected Stations

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An open question to US benchmarkers: is it normal practice for benchmarkers in the US to regard Intersection Stations as equally worth visiting?


I ask because in the UK there has been no established (i.e. public) practice of logging visits to Intersected Stations, as we call them, until very recently, and the sudden inclusion of large numbers of non-pillar trig stations in our database has caused some murmurings of discontent amongst some trigpointers. I'm curious to know about their relative status in your eyes.





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We have a fair number that we have done already such as Mollies Nipple which is a peak, several different types as we went and took pictures of a spire, a dome, etc. from the old Hippo List - That I cannot find again! I think they are rather fun and interesting to go see if they are still there and in what shape.


Anyway, the NGS doesn't want reports sent in to them on intersection stations anymore, so the die-hard benchmark hunters do not usually look for them. But if they do, they will go ask questions about the age of the building, tank, tower or what ever (except peaks) and walk around the object to get several different readings to verify that it is still the same point that was intersected to as described. So, in fact, it could be very interesting to go about it in that way.


If the others in your area are not liking finding and recording them, tell them that they should not bother as many of the US people do not like to hunt and log them either. (Each to his own enjoyment, as has been mentioned so many times here.)



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As Shirley says, the NGS no longer cares about them, but there are many in the Geocaching database (nearly every grain elevator and water tower in the plains states is/was an intersection station).

Many times it can be VERY difficult to determine if the structure (if there is still one there) is the actual original structure used as the target. Even minor modifications to the light at the top of a radio antenna could invalidate it's use as an intersection station (if anybody wanted to try).

I do not hesitate to log them on Geocaching.com with whatever my conclusions about the location might be.

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