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How do I: Re-log a cache I've previously marked "Did not find"?

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OK, Before I go and do whatever I need to do, I just want to check something. Yesterday I went out Caching for my first Easter Sunday run, and missed my first cache of the day - Bishop's Way - Clayway Drove (GC2ZZHW).


I also had a travel bug which I forgot to take, and was intending tonight to return and put it in the first cache I found, which was Bishop's Way - Lost Village (GC2ZZER). While I was out though, my GPS pinged and said I was close to the first one I'd missed, so I went to have another look for it, and subsequently found it.


My question is - What do I do here? I've logged GC2ZZHW as a clear "Did not find" - but I've now put the travel bug into it, and need to know - do I have to make a second, new log entry, noting the find - or can I simply update the log I made yesterday, change that entry to a "Found it", and note the placing of the bug into that cache?

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1.) Leave the previous DNF log as is.


2.) Post a "found it" log for the date you found it.


3.) Do the normal "drop" for the travel bug.


There's no reason to edit the previous dnf. You're not the first person to have dnf'ed a cache, and then find it on a subsequent hunt. You won't be the last. B)




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Please use a new "Found it" log. If you change the past log, the cache owner will not be notified and will think that the last log on their cache was a DNF and that the cache might have a problem. They will be happy to know that you found it!


As far as the DNF log, that is a matter of personal preference. Some will delete it because they see it as a sign of failure, (it's not). I personally see it as a record of my cache activity and would leave it as it is.

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In at least a couple of cases I have failed to find a cache in the morning, but returned in the afternoon to make the find.

So that is how I logged it.


Of course you could go crazy and log:

10:01 DNF

10:02 DNF

10:03 DNF


10:07 Found it!


...but that really doesn't make much sense (unless you are trying to pad your DNF count).

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