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Hope it's ok to kind of just say hello in this forum. My sister took me out today on my first geocaching trip and I rather enjoyed it. I think I'd prefer it if I could combine hunting with a nice circular walk but even so this was a lot of fun.


So if anyone else in Norwich or Norfolk are into thing then say Hi and maybe friend me on here. I found four today and may well try and get out on my own for the first time on Tuesday.....

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Hi there. I've been caching over a year now. I live just outside Norwich and have set my own trail of 12 caches in and around Swardeston. At the moment its only set up so premium members can see it so you probably can't see it on the map. There are plenty of good trails out there though and in Norfolk and Suffolk we are blessed with many high quality caches. Good luck and drop me a line if you need any help whatsoever...

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Thanks top monkey! I wasn't aware that there were some caches for premium members only. Sadly I have already paid £7 for the app. I have no intention just yet in paying any more. have you tried to find specimen - Elizabeth yet? It's driving me and my sister mad. We're going out again next Sunday with a third geocacher.

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Nice to have you on board. Can recommend three good circular treks near Norwich. Salhouse Super Six, The Boudicca Way and Star Treck. If you want to leave the car at home, the latter two can be accessed by bus route 18 from Norwich City Centre.

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