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I've noticed there is no category for prisons.

Is there a reason for that?


I know in my home town they don't like to have people photograph prison guards or employees, as it can lead to intimidation. Does that apply to prisons as waymarks too?


Is anyone, any group, currently petitioning to add prisons or jails as a category?

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There is a category for Retired Prisons, where no one is being held. I'm sure there's a very good reason that prisons in-use is not already a category. I wouldn't want to visit it (not trying to shoot down your idea, just saying it's not something I'd personally visit).

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In the south east Asia I have enough trouble photographing the occasional embassy. Prisons could be just too exciting. Of course, we could have a category: 'Official Corruption'. Any takers?


Yea, sure! How much is my support worth to you? :D

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