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geocache.org (singular noun)


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This appeared in alt.rec.geocaching.


I did a whois, and it may not be bull ... the DNS specified is, in fact, abnormal.com. The Admin and other contacts are a bit obscure.


I'll leave it up to someone else to follow-up if they are interested.


"Tim Hogard" <thogard@abnormal.com> wrote in message news:<bdm142$ght$1@knotty.abnormal.com>...

> I got the domain geocache.org several years ago and never had time

> to properly do anything with it. So if someone else wants it, I'll

> be happy to transfer it to them before it expires otherwise it may

> just end up on the dead domain scrap heap.


> So if you want it, send me email letting me know what your plan

> on doing with it.


> The domain expires in a few months and after that you'll have to

> pay one of the many registrars to keep it (it currenly cost about

> 12 euros/yr where its currently registered). If I like your proposal,

> I may be willing to providing hosting for free.


> I'm looking for something that helps the community but would prefer

> ideas not involving what is already covered.


> -tim

> http://web.abnormal.com

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