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Shropshire - Bridgnorth


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We are having a holiday at easter based around Shropshire, there will be 4 of us 2 adults and 2 kids age 14 and 10.

Can you recommend any good caches not to miss. We don't mind the size of cache we love ones that take us to places the guide books never mention. Happy to try to solve puzzles or tricky finds if they take us to a nice place. My dad grew up around Shropshire and we are having a tour of the places he lived, so are going to Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Ironbridge.

We intend to do the cliff railway and severn valley railway the Hawkstone follies and also a quad bike ride just over the border at Middletown, Powys.

Any other family recommendations for activities or caches would be gratefully received. Happy to travel an hour in any direction from Bridgnorth.

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At Bridgnorth there is High Rock (Shropshire) which will provide you with great views overlooking Bridgnorth.


About 15 - 20 minutes away from Bridgnorth is The Wenlock Olympian Trail (Re-run) It is a nine part multi but well worth it, taking you around the very attractive town of Much Wenlock.It was here that the modern Olympic Games found their inspirations (and the reason why the "Wenlock" character was "invented" as a mascot for th 2012 Olympics)

If you are after great views and landscape, we would have to recommend the Long Mynd area - superb walking country :) You might like to pick up LQ: Shropshire - Lightspout Waterfall, the "Little Quest" for Shropshire - set up by markandlynn but adopted by us as it was just too good to lose :)

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I'd say pretty much anything by Fungimanforager, but especially his caches with higher favourite points:




He's certainly managed to acquire many more than his fair share of my favourite points! Given the age of your kids, look for the higher terrain / difficulty rating ones. His Arboreal Adventure caches can be great fun (you have to climb trees). This one was my favourite in the series:




(Only has 34 favourite points mind!)


This cache is a must do:




It has 49 favourite points and 84% of finders have favourited it. It's a night cache so you'll need a torch.

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