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FTF Coin Question

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So I'm gearing up to place my 1st hide. I'm planning on placing a coin of mine in the cache as a FTF prize. Which do you think is better? Place it as an unactivated coin or place it activated but marked as collectable?


Please mention the pro's / con's of why you feel the way you do. I've got a pro / con list in my head now but would be interested in other viewpoints. I've also thought of placing two (one each way) and let the FTF'er decide. Discuss.

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If you intend for it to be a prize, then leaving it unactivated would be the option that makes sense. If you activate it, you will still own it. Unless of course you indicate that you'll let the FTF adopt the coin.

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I have only found a coin as a FTF or STF prize a couple of times and was thrilled to death so it's cool that you want to do that. I agree with the others that it should be unactivated if meant as a prize. If you activate it in your name it doesn't belong to them whether you list it as collectible or not. Also what if a relative newbie was FTF? Might they think that a different activated coin could be kept if this activated one was?


Whatever you decide to do be sure to label it well as a FTF prize.

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Well, you all seem to be split right down the middle and unable to come to a consensus. So I guess I'll just activate it...


I kid. Thanks for all the input. I will definitely leave it as an unactivated coin.


I know there are some real coin fanatics in here so if you're at all interested, the coin I'm going to leave is the Sister to this one: TB47JP5. That is my personal coin that has been visited at every cache I've ever been to. I've only been doing this for 6 months or so but if you look at the map you can see I get around. I think it's around 45,000 miles so far with only 160'ish finds.


Thanks again for all the great input,


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My personal view is that if left as a prize, I would like to see it travelling as another geocoin in the game.


Therefore, my suggestion is that you could activate it and leave a note for the FTF'er saying you'll adopt the geocoin over to them and then, if they wish, they can send it travelling... of course they might decide to just put it into their collection, or they might send it travelling or use it as a mileage counter, or... :)


I should expand a little on why I would choose to activate it - often (not always, but often) areas have a FTF Hound - someone whose lifestyle allows them to jump into the hunt as soon as a new cache is published. It is more than likely they have collected a few coins as FTF prizes during their geocaching career - so this is more about hoping they might leave it for someone else as a nice surprise or that at the very least they take it and set it free.

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