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What do think of a "Frame The Coin"-Mission?

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I took part in some missions so far and it has always been a lot of fun. Now I would like to host a mission for myself. As there are still some missions going on I would like to wait until all are finished. But I have an idea for a mission and would like to use the time to ask if you like it, if the idea can be improved and if there is a general interest in such a mission.


The idea is: take a coin and integrate it into a picture that fits to the theme of the coin. To give you a rough idea what I'm thinking of I attach an example which I did in the spotlight mission:


2qdr1xx.jpg (Picture by sheltiedogshowlover)


I took a paperboard, glued the spotlight picture on it, cut a hole in it where I placed the coin inside and put it into a frame. Costs for something like that would be low (I even think the frame should be optional to keep the shipping costs low) but in my eyes there is so much room for creativity. So easy examples would be a compass rose geocoin at the bottom right of a world map or an astronomical clock geocoin in a picture of a tower. The pictures could be real photos, computer drawings or self-made drawings or whatever you can think of.


What do you think?

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I like it. Original. I'd have a go.


Edited to add: When you say "mission" would it involve posting coins to those who want to enter, or is the idea to create the "picture" yourself, with one of your own coins, to win the cointest?




With "mission" I mean everybody who signed has to send at least one framed coin to another one (I will choose by random who sends a coin to who).

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