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Coin storage, show yours

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I am trying to figure out the best way to store my coins. I want to be able to keep them safe and dust free in a minimum of space. An album would be best but I have yet to find the ideal one. I used to collect coins as a kid and HATE the 2x2 pocket vinyl pages so that is out. I bought an album like the one pictured below but it is so cheap it was falling apart as soon as I opened it. Half my coins do not fit it anyway due to odd shapes or thickness. I also do not like the vinyl flips most coins come in as they will harm your coins and start to break down after only a couple of years.



Show me how you store your coins.

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I know many Geocoins are sent in really nice soft filps but what you may or may not know is that over time 20-30 years the PVC in the flips will degrade and damage your coins. As Long time coin collectors (think money) have discovered the gasses given off by PVC have damaged their coins. If you are going to store your coins use mylar not PVC or you may find your coins turning black and the enamel flaking off. Tim

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