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  1. Groundspeak made it right they reimburse my money and left me with a 90-day free trial so they did make it right.
  2. geocaching@communication.geocaching.com was the email address and it checks to their website.
  3. I did that but if was suppose to be a 7 day free trial and they charged me right away. This was not a free trial as they stated.
  4. I was sent a code for a 7 day free trial but when I signed up you are required to sign for an auto-renewal which you can cancel. I was charged immediately. Seems this was just a bait and switch to get your money. I sent an email out but don't expect any results will probably have to take this up with my card company. Beware of the supposedly "FREE" trial.
  5. there is but it requires you to buy new glasses LOL actually I don't think you can.
  6. Interesting topic even the best cachers can make mistakes. I was visiting my mom over the Thanksgiving Holiday and went looking for a cache that was in a nearby park just to discover the cache was actually on my mom's farm. The reviewer archived the cache and the CO moved it 15 feet back onto public property and re-enabled it. So even seasoned cachers can make mistakes. As for hides I agree 100 would be a good number I waited till after 100 to hide one. This helps eliminate the people who find 20 hide one then leave the game. Tim
  7. Measure the length and thickness of the 0-ring and go to a major industaral supplier and order one for a few bucks you can replace it . If not you can order an O-ring making kit off the internet pretty cheap. Tim2
  8. I was home in KY over Thanksgiving and found a premium cache. I am not a premium member and it was a luck find but I did sign the log so how do I log it as found?
  9. I carry a multi tool and a camera. and maybe some baby wipes I also have a $20 in my backpack just in case. Tim
  10. I too have seen this trend and that was why I posted It seems this has been a trend people with a few finds bring up topics just to cause trouble
  11. I think without more info on his experiment his tracking code should be locked.
  12. I find that you deciding what needs to be removed a bit of I am better than you thinking. So I find that people who rock climb to be destroying the faces of some of the most beautiful rock faces in the world and degrading the environment. Mountain and peak climbers are the worst (Just look at the trash on Mt. Everest and Mt. Hood). Should I just wait on lower trails and hit them on the knees with a big stick as they make their way up the trail? No because it would be wrong I don't know their intentions don't know it they will litter destroy the face with climbing piton's and if they have permission. Unless you can prove the person who placed the cache doesn't have permission you would be stealing and most people have no use for a thief. If I got an e-mail from you stating you removed (stole) my cache because you thought it violated the rules for a game you don't play I might be more than willing to meet you to get it back and explain to you why you shouldn't steal. Glad I live far far away from you. Tim2akaT2
  13. I'm going to watch this topic for a few he's found 47 caches in 9 years hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................
  14. These forums function that way, too. Simply use the envelope icon beneath the avatar for IM. It works fine. However, the problem is not in the forums. It is contacting other cachers through the website (separate from the forums). Most/many/some geocachers have never stepped foot in the forums. Many have no desire to -- until they have a problem, so attempting to contact a fellow geocacher through the forums is next to useless. We have friends that are geocachers that seem to never, ever check their email. Why? Beats me, but if I should need to contact them, it's phone or not at all. Well butter my butt and call it a biscuit I never noticed the envelope before will have to use that on the fourms
  15. How could it be better? Honest question. I don't venture too far into the cyberworld. edit to/too Many Fourms have their own private message system it simply notifies you that you have a message by e-mail and you retrieve the message from the forum. Also when you log on it says you have a new message from another user. This does take up server space but doesn't rely on some user with an outdated e-mail who never gets your message. Tim2akaT2
  16. I retrieved a travel bug that went missing for over 4 years TB19F04 I retrieved it from a travel bug hotel after the orginal grabber found it not realizing they hadn't moved it on. Now I am going to move it along. I am also guilty of keeping travel bugs too long I retrieved some and they got packed when we moved and it took me months to find them but I did and now they are back out in the world. I sent the owners of the TB's messages to let them know the problem and never heard from any of them. I wish GS had a better message system because the one they use really sucks compared to some other fourms I am on. Tim2akaT2
  17. I know many Geocoins are sent in really nice soft filps but what you may or may not know is that over time 20-30 years the PVC in the flips will degrade and damage your coins. As Long time coin collectors (think money) have discovered the gasses given off by PVC have damaged their coins. If you are going to store your coins use mylar not PVC or you may find your coins turning black and the enamel flaking off. Tim
  18. Why..... well Last October I took a new job in Florida and moved from Kentucky for Florida I left my family in Kentucky so my kids could finish school in KY. I was all alone and sending most of my money home so I did almost nothing that cost $$$ no movies (red box only) no cable and no Internet other than the free one at the apartment complex pool and no eating out not that I wanted to eat alone. I was interested in Geo-caching and found a handheld GPS a Gamin Personal 12 for $25.00 off Craig's list in January . I started caching and riding my bike around town while caching I even did a CITGO. I loved it!!! Gave me something to do and I didn't feel so alone I really missed my family. Well in June of this year my family moved down with me and we rented a house while still trying to sell the house in Kentucky. My 5 year old loves to go caching with me and now my older son wants to go as well as a neighbor. For my birthday I got Amazon Gift cards and used them to get a new Delorme PN-60 with a case. I hope to give the Personal 12 to someone in the future. I don't really want the coin for me but to let my daughter have it so she can watch it travel. Now you know my story and how caching helped keep me out of the nut house. Tim2akaT2 PS why am I Tim2akaT2 well my boss is Tim and he and I went to a meeting he introduced himself as Tim and I said I am Tim Too. They signed a contract and now call me Tim2 and sometimes T2.
  19. First make sure you typed the code in correctly. Check the cache listing and see what travel bug is listed as being in the cache. If it is truely unactivated I have no ideal how you would find the owner.
  20. There are times when I don't know if I am trading fair. I sometime take an item and then leave it in another cache. I only collect signure items and when I do leave an item of equal value. I wonder if I pick up an item in a cache without leaving something and then leave it in another cache that is lackig in swag am I not trading fair? I don't keep the items unless I leave something and the other caches now have something to trade am I breaking the take something leave something rule?
  21. A thread for everything else things that you just don't know where to put them. Tim2
  22. I would head over but I don't live in Georgetown, KY anymore I moved to Florida I will be up that way Thanksgiving so I will make the trip then.
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