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Cache idea that needs your opinion.

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Had my first cache published last week and it is going down well so far. The next one is also a little different but I have an old disused bird nest that I thought would work well. I was chatting over dinner and my husband said you can't do that! I would agree if it was one in use or I was encouraging people to interfere with any nest that would be wrong but if I were to put it somewhere very high and concealed that would be ok.


I would be interested to hear from you guys as to what you think?

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I would lean against this, unless you can do it in such a way that people can't be confused. Ironically enough, if you put your nest high up and concealed, you'd be making it a harder cache, and giving people a lot more opportunities to inadvertently molest any real nests that might move in and out of the GZ area over the coming months. (Especially as the logs start rolling in, making it clearer and clearer to subsequent finders that the cache is in a nest). If you put this nest out as a cache, I'd make it a really easy one to cut down on the searching that people will have to do.

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I wouldn't do it. People shouldn't mess with bird nests or bird boxes either. How would they know that a nest placed high was the cache or was an actual nest with eggs in it?


I was searching for a cache a couple of years ago where my GPS took me to a small bridge on a rural road that crossed a creek. During my search I encountered a birds nest and when I touched it felt like there might be eggs in it so rather than disturb an active nest I continue my search elsewhere. I didn't find the cache and considered it a DNF (and posted a DNF log). A bit later, the lightbulb came on and I guessed the eggs in the cache were not real, but that was only after I was almost home (the cache was about 35 miles from home). It wasn't the first time I'd DNFd a cache because I refrained from using a scorch earth approach to finding the cache.

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I've found one nest cache and a couple birdhouse caches. The nest cache was obviously fake, once I thought about it. The location in the tree wasn't right, and it was secured to the branch in a very human manner (although I forget whether it was secured with string, wire, cable-ties, or something else). The birdhouse caches were obviously fake too, mainly because the entry holes were blocked (e.g., by a piece of wood painted black).

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Unless it was done so it was obvious it was a fake nest, I'd advise against it.


The problem is that people find yours then they are going to look in birds nests for the next 20 caches they can't find.

Birds really have it rough with cars and pollution and all already. How many cachers will disturb real nests after finding yours, looking for the next cache that is hidden in a nest??


It's like the fake sprinkler heads. Someone put some out there, and a number of times I've found disassembled sprinkler heads at other locations that the cache was NOT a sprinkler head.


People may not wreak havoc at your location, but they may do it later and say, tilt a nest with eggs in it, and the eggs may tumble onto the ground and break, etc. etc.


It's good to set good examples for people who come after you, especially the newbies that will come after you and learn how to cache from your cache.

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