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TBs in unpublished cache

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I don't know how this can happen. We have a TB that was held by someone for several months. No responses were received to several emails asking the geocacher to place the bug in a cache. Now, the bug has been placed. When we looked to see information about the cache the bug is in, the page shows:


An Error Has Occurred

cache : N/A

Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published.

[You are not logged in. You must be logged in to view this content.]


This cacher had five trackables in his inventory all picked up at the same event in April. He has recently placed them all in separate caches that all show the same unpublished "An Error has Occurred" message when you check them out.


Any ideas about how this happens? How can someone do anything with a cache that is not actually published?

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When someone creates a new geocache, they can log any trackable into that cache's inventory before it has been published.


Hopefully the cache will get published within the next few days, then you'll be able to see the cache page from the link. If there are any problems with it and the reviewer asks the CO to make changes or clarify something then it could take longer...


MrsB :)

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Thanks to Bear and Ragged, and The Blorenges for your responses. I wondered about the possibility that these were just new caches but it seemed unlikely because it is taking so long for the caches to be reviewed and published. Our two caches were up and running within a couple of days.

It also seemed unlikely that someone with only three caches to his credit would suddenly place five new caches!

I guess we just need more patience!

Thanks again for the help.

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some people keep unpublished or archived caches as repositories for travel bugs that they have in their posession. I think this was more common before TPTB gave us Trackable Inventories but if your bug is marked as not collectible then this woudl be a way for someone to keep a trackabel without it shwoing up as in their possesion.

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