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What did you find out there ?


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I'm sure we all have a story to tell of that something that you found out there while caching.

Not the cache itself, but something else...


How bout sharing it with us..


Here is my story..


I was looking for a spot to place a new cache that I had in mind for a while now..

I found a spot with an awesome view, and started looking around for that perfect little hiding place..

I noticed this overhang, and scrambled down a level to get in there..

Almost immediately I saw a spot that looked promising, and I edged nearer..


Hey, wait a minute... Behind a small bush I can see a cache container..

Even the rocks behind it looks like it was packed geocaching style, to hide it from view from the other side..

Now I know for a fact that there are no caches near this area..

I thought that I might have hit the jackpot... An FTF even before the cache was published..

Someone must be working on a listing, and I'll be writing in the logbook already.. How is that for Luck..


I removed the container from it's hiding spot, and opened it up..

It was filled with sand.. Well that was what my mind told me at first..

O.K. so maybe it is not a cache container, I thought, and the whole FTF idea got lost just there and then..

I've put it back, very confused... And then the penny dropped..

I took it out again, just to make sure..


It was ash.. This is an urn, with somebodies ash in it..

I immediately put it back, and for a moment did not know what to do..

It was creepy.. It felt awkward knowing that I stumbled onto the remains of a dead person..

It took me a minute or two to recover from the shock..

This was the last thing I've ever expected to find out there..


There was no plaque on the container..

The view from there is absolutely spectacular, and I can only presume that this person must have loved hiking in this area..


Obviously I placed the cache somewhere else..


Some pictures..







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Could have been a pets remains - I have an urn just like that (little smaller) on my mantelpiece - I have seen my mother's, grandfathers and grandmothers remains come back in a horrible cardboard box. Gizmos ashes came back in nice urn - go figure.


I once found a bong while doing a cache!



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Eish... that would be creepy... I hid a cache at General Piet Joubert's grave and there was a box of ashes also placed on his grave, that of one of his descendants it would seem.


My very first cache that I searched for I found some porn magazines on the other side of the hide. Obviously some school boy's hide away. But the bad thing for him was that they had been infested by termites and half eaten.... haa haa.


Also found a bong inside one of my very first caches i found... At my first hide I found the skull and hooves of a cow... Which over 4 years down the line are still there. At another cache I found a company ID card, bank cards and a key all packed neatly under a few stones.

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We've also been caching before where we scouted GZ and fairly quickly spotted a hollow under a rock with the tell tale carefully packed loose rocks covering the hole! My first thoughts where 'Gee, cachers need to become a bit more original' - only to find someones hustler mag stash - and quite a collection too I might add. So after finding the stash we soon after found the cache! Ha Ha!!

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While searching for TF16 180 deg Sea on Signal Hill, I came across a carved wooden box. Thinking I had found the cache, I opened it up, to find, not the usual swag, but a small feathered corpse and a mirror - obviously the remains of someone's pet budgie :o


Yup found this one as well - I think it is now mentioned in the listing?


In Hermanus I found a bank baggie, thinking it was the micro I was looking for I opened it and found two stones, both with writing and RIP on them - some sort of memorial - put it back and guess it was found by others as well!

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We've found:

(i) Stashed diving equipment and abalone near Kleinmond... the tattooed. knife yielding divers around the corner put the "brisk" back in my walk! :ph34r:

(ii) A bag of presumably stolen tools in the Johannesburg botanical gardens... but not the cache. :mad:

(iii) Bung-smoking school boys in Stellenbosch... politely declined their offer to join! :blink:

(iv) Lovers in a "compromising position" in Umhlanga... made me appreciate DNFs a whole lot more! :huh:

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I've found that quiet out of the way spots are not only good for caches, but trysts and loos. Found the remains of both and many many many caches, also a lot of porn mags too. funny that.


While searching for stage2 of mouse catcher I found a statue of the creature from ice age 2. Oddly I had placed it as swag about a month before. Presumably it fell out of someone else's swag bag...

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A whole new level to this topic....


Just read this log on GC223R8 Dappat se skat.


Didn't find it



Through no error of the CO or ourselves we started looking but rather found a strange find. We tackled this cache from the road above, and discovered a vehicle in the bush, about 30 metres from the road. It turns out it was stolen and abandoned, the thieves mus have tried to get rid of it by pushing it off the ledge. Let this be a warning - watch out for falling vehicles when caching here

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