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Tracking geomutt

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I do not own one but I hear the Garmin Astro is very popular with Geocachers and hunters who go out with dogs. It is basically a GPSMAP 62s with an extra antenna that attaches to a wireless collar so you can track the dogs. It has all the same paperless Geocaching features as the 62S. The new 320 model will be out in a month or so.

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It's out now!! I don't know weather to get the astro 220 or the astro 320. I just got an oregon 450 on sale. It would be about 200 dollars more to get the 320 package and by package I mean the gpsr, 2 collars, and extended antenna.



I went to the garmin site and compared them to try and decide. The 320 gives you the ability to save 200 tracks, paperless geocaching, internal memory, differant display.


I heard something about these new ones being ecollar compatible but now I can't find it. That would be worth it to me if I needed to use one someday.


I wonder if I should save the money and just get the 220.

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