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  1. What browser are you using? What ipad is it also. My 4G ipad mini has no problem with the website.
  2. No reason to feel bad. I'm usually in your shoes trying out new things and sharing it with everyone else. I did get it to work though. What I had to do was make sure my Montana was in Garmin Spanner mode so it was selectable for mass storage. What I then had to do was plug in and turn on the wifi disk and let my Montana sit asking whether to go to mass storage or not. Then once the wifi disk had started and was ready I then selected yes and it went to mass storage mode. Then I manually added a NAS connection with the address of the wifi disk and entered the stock admin username with no password and it fired right up and showed on my phone. So it works to transfer files and it will also charge my phone or my GPSr as long as I have the right cable. So for $50 it is well worth the money. I can also pull pictures off of my Montana for posting. The only thing I see that I would like differently is it only shows the internal storage on my Montana. It doesn't show the uSD card which isn't that big of a deal because I can always pull the card and place it in the slot on the wifi disk if i need to get at any of the data on it. Edit: One side effect that I'm not able to get to stop is I'm having to force mass storage mode and manually update to whatever firmware I'm currently on because I lose all of my profiles after being hooked up to the wifi disk. It doesn't seem to actually update but there must be some file that's getting damaged when hooked up and by installing the GCD file it fixes it.
  3. It goes into mass storage mode but I end up with problems with it connecting. I've found I cant even connect to it after that unless I do force mass storage mode. I think I'll just use the sd card slot. I load everything the the uSD card anyways.
  4. So the wifidisk showed up over the weekend. I can get it to connect to my Montana but I can't get my iphone to connect to the Montana.
  5. When I'm off power I run the backlight at 60% and the time out at 15 seconds. Other than that just normal settings. At 60% backlight, it's still brighter than my old Oregon 550.
  6. I'm curious what your settings are? I can put in a 12 hour day hiking and caching and still have 30% battery life left at the end of the day. I can't speak for the new Oregon but the Montana will use 3 standard AA batteries if you need to. But I've never come close to killing the battery after a full 12 hour day of use.
  7. Did you save the screen protector? I would contact Garmin and explain that you were changing it out and what happened. Don't go in guns blazing. They are usually pretty good about taking care of customers. Just stay calm with them. I fell on mine and owned up to it and they cut me a deal for half the cost of replacing because I didn't try to screw around with them.
  8. Looking at the specs it shows the USB port as 5V/1A which should be more than enough for a GPSr. I guess I'm going to have to order one of these also. Nice find user11371!!
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=273840
  10. Easiest way to recover from this in the field it to load all of your geocaches to the uSD card. Shutoff>Remove Card>Reboot>Shutoff> Re-install card>Reboot. It will reload all of you caches. Just don't do this if your using a card with preloaded maps from Garmin.
  11. I'm not able to replicate this on my 650. It may be specific to the 600.
  12. I don't have my Montana in front of me(I broke the screen while hiking) but you can change the order the maps show up. Birdseye and custom are always at the bottom but all other maps like City Nav and Topo are listed by date created. I believe the "newest" maps end up on top. Easiest way to check this is to change the extension of one map and do a reboot, then change it back.
  13. Do any of the Gamin units do that? I don't remember my Oregon or 62S doing that.
  14. This finally fixed the problems I've been having with map selection from back when it was new.
  15. I can confirm that this happens on my unit too.
  16. I was checking this out and found that selecting the waypoint in the waypoint manager and then selecting view map was an easier way to select the waypoint.
  17. They don't crack if you take your time and not just try to rip it off.
  18. I did a speed test in an Oregon 550 awhile back and found that any benefits maxed out around a class 6 card. I would "assume" that would be the same for the new Etrex line. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=268479&view=findpost&p=4619671 Edit: Added link to speed test.
  19. Doubtful as they have never allowed downloading of pictures, but you never know... It could be done with a GSAK macro, which I'm sure will appear shortly.... It is being discussed now about adding it to the Garmin export macro. They're trying to see if there is enough call to add it.
  20. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=273840&view=findpost&p=4706232 This is a workaround I found for the idevices. It works well for me as long as I have a data connection and has other uses.
  21. I must really be lucky because I don't have those problems with shutting off and freezing. I always use the cradle to turn my unit on.
  22. What exactly is causing the freezing? Is it a power cycle on the cigarette lighter when starting and shutting off the car? I'm trying to better understand this because I have no problems at all with my mount. My cigarette lighter doesn't lose power though when starting which may be the difference.
  23. On your iPad go into the App store. At the bottom of the screen tap purchased. Then at the top of the screen select not on this iPad. It should show up there for you to install.
  24. Is anyone having problems with maps not staying disabled on their Montana? Specifically City Navigator and Topo 24K maps. I've been having problems with my maps staying disabled when changing between profiles. If I disable City Nav in my caching profile, it will be re-enabled after using the Automotive profile and then going back to the Geocaching profile again. I have been back and forth with Garmin and they can not duplicate this problem. I'm wondering if this is a problem because the maps I have were obtained while wearing my eyepatch. My Oregon 550 doesn't have this problem.
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