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    Lets start from the top did you load any caches into the unit?
  2. Yes you double logged a cache somewhere. Do a My finds PQ so you can go through and find it.
  3. Did A PT once up in the U.P of Michigan defiantly not my bag. All that they got on my logs was a TFTC and that was a copy and paste. Will I do it again maybe hit a few one day a few the next time but will not go out of my way. Would much rather go out in the woods on a two mile hike with only one cache at the end.
  4. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons100/6 All the way at the bottom of the page it talks about the battery.
  5. You may attach the TB dogtag in some way, or engrave, woodburn, or paint the TB number directly on the stick. Cachers may log "discover" on your TB, and you can log TB "visits" on caches. Picked one of these up for my walking stick http://shop.geocaching.com/default/trackable-items-2/geocoins/trackable-hiking-stick-medallion.html or what you could do since you have an unused bug if attach that to the stick what I would do is drill a hole up here the top of the stick than run a cord through and attach to the TB
  6. As the price of gas keeps going up I keep saying I'm going to get a bike not only to cache but to get to work also. Than I go to wallyworld and see the prices. I know in the long run I would save money but hard coming up with the money to get a bike.
  7. I was just going to post a comment about that being cool how Brian sent you that stuff. Than something made me look at his profile and realised that cool is an understatement. I wont say anything in public as to why its way more than just cool. Just that Brian is an awesome guy.No I do not know him have never met him but if at any time I am able to help out somebody he gives me reason to.
  8. Have you tried some of your local groups? I don't think we have any central areas that we can download trail maps. Right now I am working with our DNR to make some maps of trails around here but this means for the DeLorame I will have to hike the trails and map them myself.
  9. OK I did send him a private message about his tracking codes not sure if he read it yet. You know how busy this younger group can be.
  10. While I have not actually talk with robertr337 about his view on distance I did get to meet him at a saint pattys day event. Real nice kid and there lays the problem. We have been getting some new cachers here in town and some of them are younger so its hard for them to get out in the woods. While I prefer my long hikes out in the woods I can understand why robertr337 or any of our younger cachers would like to place there caches in town. They just want to be able to enjoy the fun of owning and maintain there own cache with out having to rely on parents to drive them around. I did not personally talk to his parents so not sure how they feel about heading out for hikes in the woods or having some old fart like me taking him with me next time I go out. robertr337 don't let these post get you down it can be a rough crowd in here.
  11. captnemo If I ever make it out there and get to teach my daughter about caching I will hide one close to you. She lives in Barstow. Keep looking at your area and telling myself I would have a field day out there.
  12. As a father and brother of two lesbians I actually can understand the point of wanting to know that they are not the only ones out there caching. Both my sister and daughter where not sure how I would take to there preference. If they where not sure how I would take it and I am there family I can understand how some would be unsure how some of us here would be. To all GLBT cachers all are welcome ever make it to my neck of the woods give us a hollor will be more than willing to take you out to some great caches.
  13. While at first glance I like this idea but has me wondering would said icon be able to change once I find the cache that I DNFed? This is one thing that drives me nuts with my GPSr once I DNF a cache on it I lose it on my list until I run a new PQ but it shows up as unfound once again. So not sure how my unit would handle it if it shows up as a DNF on my PQ.
  14. Just want to add my vote for going for it. I enjoy the higher terrain caches wish we had more of them here.
  15. On the main page from the drop down of Your profile click on "Quick View" . scroll down till you see Account Options on the right side the second choice will be Find Another Player click on that in the box fill in the user name you want to look up.
  16. Just asked the Mrs what her work suggests. She works at Drs Foster and Smith and she said K9 Advantix2 works real good for both tics and fleas. But be warned if you have cats in the house also you can not use this as it is harmful to cats especially if said cat likes to rub up against the dog. We have this problem so we have to use Frontline.
  17. Bookmarked the site will check it out better after work to early right now.
  18. So don't. I know I'm not some in the thousands finder but being in a small town and having every cache in town found already. I have to drive at least twenty minutes to get to the nearest unfound cache. I don't mind driving twenty minutes even if its for one or two caches if its worth it. A micro park an grab in sight off the woods defiantly is not worth the drive. Now next time I pass that way going somewhere else will I stop? Maybe but for no other reason but to clean up the map or just out of boardem.
  19. First off I'm sure I will be pissing somebody off but I really need to get this off my chest. Why Why do people insist on hiding micros just off the road? If thats not bad enough but within a mile of this one hide there are five not one not two but five lakes. With the price of gas I am not about to drive twenty minutes just for a micro on the side of the road. Now I know micros have there place, like IN TOWN not out in the woods. Now these kind of hides might be fine down south but up here with all the woods around here all they do is take up room. Is it just me or is this really what people want these days?
  20. I usually take my Daisy with when I head out to the woods. She loves going for hikes. Funny thing with her I had to stop bringing her water bowl with since she wont drink out of it in the woods, she will only drink water that I pour it on the ground. Ok i give cant seam to put pictures in my post
  21. Guess for me I tend to fall back to when I was in the Army when ever I am in the woods whether hunting for the cache or deer if bringing up the rear I am usually following back about five meters back or to the side when we get close to GZ. Course most of the time if I'm in the woods its usually by myself.
  22. For me its more Find great places Meet weird people
  23. Here Wisconsin Geocaching Association we actually have a side game called Wisconsin Lonely Cache Game these are caches that have not been found for a year or more.
  24. I use my TomTom for driving to the cache. Once parked I pull out my DeLorme to get me to the cache
  25. I have four caches out there. One is pretty much a park and grab that one has 22 finds last find was on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 The other three are all in the same area only 9 finds last find was on Monday, 22 August 2011 Think once the locals found these its just a question of when we get visitors up here.
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