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Newbie collector: Now what?


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Been a member and cacher since 2008, now I would like to start collecting and distributing geocoins. I've been reading everything I could find on here, so I know this sounds a bit confused. Is there any store where you can buy these? Been searching online and I am reluctant to buy online without a recommendation since I read a long post regarding sellers who took the money and never sent any coins to the buyers. Didn't really see that much available on Ebay.


My eventual goal... It would be nice to do some trading, alas, I haven't any coins yet. Suggestions as to a good website to buy a few coins. Also, I am not seeing coins that are as inexpensive as I would like them to be. If I sound crazy, it's because my head is spinning. Also, is it best to get coins that are activated or what? I just do not know!


(actually found one coin awhile back, but it turned out to be untrackable, a freebie from Pathways) I would love to locate a collector who has multiples and would like to sell a few to help me get started. Need advice/help/suggestions.

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Hi there and welcome to the geocoins! :)


I don't think there are any issues with the current webstores that are out there right now.


I'm pretty sure it is against the forum rules to discuss and compare stores against one another. Sorry.


See the links in my sig below and there is some info/links there on about most of the current webstores in operation right now. (4th topic down on the Frequently Asked Questions about Geocoins page)


Also, read the Geocoin and Trackable Minting, Geocoin Reference, Shipping, Activating, Adopting, Shopping, Courtesy, Do's & Don't Guide To Geocoins & FAQs! thread pinned at the top of the geocoin discussions forum, it list most/all of the geocoin vendors.


Good luck.

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If you are earnest I would suggest you follow the forums regularly and learn more about the geocoin world and community. There are dozens of vendours out there that are quite reputable but they can't be mentioned by name here lest it's considered advertising or favouring one over the others. Find the Trackables menu item under Play and explore the Geocoin pages and links... you'll find a handful (big hands) of approved vendours but realize that some are consistent about keeping their shelves stocked while others have fewer designs and mintings that sell out very very fast. Also know that some will charge you up front for a coin that has yet to make it into production so you are essentially bankrolling the project in advance - you will get your coin(s) eventually just not in a timely manner. Here is where you find out about many upcoming new designs and coins.


Yes, geocoins can be expensive. $10 + s&h used to be the norm (and still is in many cases) when Chinese labour was dirt cheap but as their standard of living goes up so do their prices and we have it easier here than other countries where shipping really puts a bite in, as well exchange rates .... you'll find out when you discover the Eurozone vendours. Ebay is a good resource for seeing what has been recently available at the online stores and may have sold out or has been sold out for a while. But don't gauge value based on what someone paid at one point for a particular coin or set of coins. Impulsivity works great for the seller as do bidding wars.


Keep in touch and good luck.

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As a "newer" geo-coin collector, let me offer my two cents...


eBay is fine...there is a decent selection to get you started.


Pay close attention to Coin-tests...its a good way of getting a new or sought after coin without spending any money


Once you have a couple of coins you are willing to share, join some missions. The generosity of this forum is remarkable and you will often get a few extra coins thn expected. Missions have been hard for me as I often have a hard time deciding which of my coins I want to give up. Its easy to become attached to them.


Don't let your wife know about the money you are spending...learned that the hard way...lol


I, persoanlly, would never buy an activated coin...but thats just me...it seems..."spoiled" to me. Others (who have significantly more experience than me) may disaggree.


Enjoy...but be warned...it is very, VERY addictive.



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