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  1. Hey all...I actually do not remember signing up for this mission so was a little surprised when I saw the adress in my in-box. I have been away from the boards for a while so really kinda dropped the ball I guess. I am going to have to back out of this mission and I am very sorry for that. I cannot be sure I will be able to put anything together for it at this time of the year. I am sorry I am doing this so late in the mission but, as I said, I have been outta the loop for a while. I hope you all have a great holiday season (whatever holiday you celebrate) and, again, my apologies for messing things up! ...T.
  2. I do not think this is tacky...This is a day to remember and it should always stand as a reminder to us to try to be better to each other. I was working at a resort in Jasper Alberta and was actually in bed as I had worked until 3am the night before. The dorm style rooms we lived in had paper thin walls and a friend next door had his TV on and I could hear what was going on. I made my way next door in time to watch the second plane. As the morning went on more and more people arrived in the room and we all just sat in silence staring at the horror on the screen. I will never forget. Since that day I have strived to be a better person and try to leave each day better that it started. I have 2 young boys now and I try to teach them this in hopes that they may never have to see what we all saw on the screen that day. ...T.
  3. If we have interest...I would be happy to run this again...T.
  4. I agree with the others...this has been the best mission ever...I am one of the lucky ones who did recieve a package (and from the founder no less)but unfortunatly haven't seen the one I sent out arrive yet...I hope it arrived and the person just hasn't been able to post, but either way I still enjoy watching for it...Thanks again WSR and if another of these ever happen I will jump in again...T.
  5. Thanks for the Cointest Jayman... I like geocaching as it as great excuse to be out with my boys. We enjoy hiking in the area very much and this just gives our hikes a "mission". My boys are 6 and 3...the 3 year old just likes to be out with us but the 6 year old is getting to be quite a cache finder...developing his geo-sense so to speak. As for my favourite containers...I like tubs that have swag in them...as I said, caching with two kids it certainly makes it alot more fun for them. ...and I think your hair looks nice today. ...T.
  6. Holy cow..this fell to the third page..and only half the boxes found homes...any word on any others? ...T.
  7. As a "newer" geo-coin collector, let me offer my two cents... eBay is fine...there is a decent selection to get you started. Pay close attention to Coin-tests...its a good way of getting a new or sought after coin without spending any money Once you have a couple of coins you are willing to share, join some missions. The generosity of this forum is remarkable and you will often get a few extra coins thn expected. Missions have been hard for me as I often have a hard time deciding which of my coins I want to give up. Its easy to become attached to them. Don't let your wife know about the money you are spending...learned that the hard way...lol I, persoanlly, would never buy an activated coin...but thats just me...it seems..."spoiled" to me. Others (who have significantly more experience than me) may disaggree. Enjoy...but be warned...it is very, VERY addictive. ...T.
  8. I figured that was the case (since they were different than the others...plus the obvious emotional connection they have). I will likely be releasing them tomorrow as me and my boys are taking a newbie on an introductory hunt. Thanks again WSR...I feel quite honoured to have recieved an actual WSR Box!
  9. Just a quick question to whomever sent Box 25...which of the plethora of great trackables you sent is the Activated one, in your name for me to release...there was no note or other indication with all the swag. Is there an easy way to check this without actiating any of the unactivated coins (which I do not want to activate at this time) Thanks again. My wife isn't thrilled with the bell...but my 2 boys love it...I believe their feelings on the bell are related...lol And thanks again Write Shop Robert!
  10. Here are a few shots of Box 25 - The Rotten Egg Box - I will post more later, my comp is being persnickity Thanks very much!! This has been the best mission I have ever been involved with and I am sad it is coming to an end All Hail Write Shop Robert - The King of Boxes!!
  11. Box #25 arrived today...pics to be posted shortly!
  12. Bump. Can't believe this fell off the first page. We are half way there folks!
  13. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the cointest...short and sweet
  14. I wanted 12 but someone already took it...so I doubled it... but someone already took 24...so I tripled it... but someone already took 36...so I quadrupled it... ...ahhh...48...4 times as lucky?
  15. I think its gotta be 'C' by a landslide! What a fantastic picture...the colours are amazing...I did not see the original coin but is it actually the photo or is it a minting of it?
  16. Still waiting (somewhat) patiently up here in the Great White North (Coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo) Certaonly enjoying seeing the pics as theses arrive... ...T.
  17. What a great surprise! Today I am an official Jedi! Mail arrived with a small brown envelope (and a couple of bills) with a note inside that simply read "Surprise!" and a beautiful Geoforce Jedi coin (number 67) Thanks Burgess Four for this unlooked for but very appretiated coin. My boys and I were actually watching Return of the Jedi when it arrived! ...T.
  18. This is a picture of me at an Earthcache in Rome called Aqva Marcia. This was my first trip anywhere out of Canada and I had to try to get a couple of caches while in the Eternal City! I did not actually get the Smiley for this one because I was unable to find the answers to the questions you needed to answer...but I know I found it! This next one is me on our first day on the Spanish Steps. I found this one without my GPS because I hadn't realized yet that I had to reset my maps due to being so far from home. This one was hard due to all the muggles...I knew where it was immediatly (from the clue) but had to hang out a few minutes before I could grab it. And finally...this is the only cache I found in Florence. This is for 2 reasons...one, the very tall, closely packed buildings made getting a sattelite read very difficult and, two, Florence is such an amazing city that I was too busy looking at vereything and experiencing the feeling of being where some of the greats did their work to be bothered to look for caches...but I had to find one...
  19. I agree!! This has been fun. I enjoy looking for this thread to be near the top, meaning that something has happened - even if it was just another picture of a box! I've reached the point that I don't even remember what I put in the box (Ye Ol' Booty Box) so I will be just as surprised as the recipient when they get it. I might suggest you hold off 1 more week as Canada Post has been legislated back to work but they probably won't be back until Thursday at the earliest...if you give it until Monday there is a better chance of it moving quicker Thanks again!! ...T.
  20. They keep talking that the Government is going to step in and force them back to work (ahh...democracy!) and then those talks break down. Not sure where they are today though.
  21. This is my personal credo/quote. It is how I believe we each should try to live our lives... "If you can't sing well, sing loud!" ...T.
  22. Just wondering if we actually know that status of the final boxes? I'm not trying to complain as I was late getting my box off too. I am just wondering...this is by far the best mission yet as the anticipation has been great!
  23. Congrats LewisClan77...Hope this job is satisfying for you and fulfills more than just the financial need... I will take a guess of Feb 4, 2011 ...T.
  24. I think there's something wrong with all your clocks... Lots of Tick Tick Tick but no Tock Tock Tock... Why don't you all put them in abox and send them to me...I will fix them all for you! ...T.
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