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Hello ?? Hello ?? Is this thing on ?


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OK I am not one to really ***** and moan about stuff, but the site is sucking wind tonight, worse that it was before the upgrades. 30 minutes trying to load one cache page to log a find.


15 minutes to get a login screen


Someone trip over a cable or something ?



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According to Netcraft, it's been 28 days since they rebooted their Windoze 2003/IIS6 machine. That's pretty good - four times longer than the old IIS5 box could handle. I rebooted my Linux server 22 days ago for a kernel upgrade. It'd been running for over 6 months since the last reboot, which was also for a kernel upgrade...


(just had to get in some Windows bashing while the getting was good icon_wink.gif)





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I'm having the same problems. I tried for an hour last night to get one cache page to come up so I could log the find. I finally gave up and thought I'd try today, but same problem, different day.


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The problem seemed to occur at exactly midnight while I was entering logs and uploading pictures, which leads me to think that it was a server process or event that hung the whole thing.


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