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been 3 days and still not published

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Have you double checked that all the tickie boxes have been ticked?

Have you checked the cache page to see if the Reveiwer has left you a note?


there is a title saying that it is waiting for review, i have checked and there have been no notes from the reveiwer

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I was also very anxious when I hid my first cache. The advice from post #3 is what I'd go with. Depending on how many reviewers vs. caches to be reviewed, is a factor in how long it can take. I hope you get a lot of nice logs and photos!


thanks for the help and to post number 3..........i will give it a couple more days



chris durand...

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1) Check your submitted placement -- it may well have a reviewer note that you NEED to read/take care of. It will be as a log on the cache page.


2) Check your submission page to make sure the box in front of this statement is checked: "Enable cache listing. It is ready for review. (If the listing is not yet ready to be reviewed, uncheck this box.) Note: Only 'Enabled' cache listings are visible to the reviewer."


Note: being your first cache placement, expect stumbling blocks. We all get one from time-to-time.

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I still don't see any hides in D-Seeker's profile. Have you heard anything from your reviewer, D-Seeker?

I don't see any pending hides, either. Gitchee-Gummee's post #9, item 2, might be the solution, but I suspect the cache page may not have been saved.


Please go to Your Profile > Quick View and see if you have any caches listed under "Your Unpublished Disabled Caches." If you see a cache there, click on the link and post the GC number here.

Nevermind...the local reviewer posted a note on the cache page on July 21.

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