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Pocket Queries and Favorites

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Has any one seen a method to create a PQ of "Favorite" attribute caches? I've searched through the site and have not seen this function. Perhaps I have missed it. Anyone?

I don't think there's a way (yet) to use Favorite points as a parameter when setting up a pocket query. The best approach I've found is to set up a pocket query, then preview it. You'll notice that the third column (if you include the check box column) from the left shows the number of cachers who have "Favorited" each cache. Click on the blue ribbon at the top of that column, and the list will be sorted in order of Favorite points.


At least that way, you can quickly see which caches found with the pocket query have the most Favorite points.



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Favorite points are expected to appear in Pocket Queries starting August 2nd.


Is that what that means? Heck, GPX, XML, XSD, CDATA, it's all Greek to me. :laughing:

Whatever it is I can't hardly wait to see it in action!


Yes, it's 'geek talk'. Pocket queries have to provide their data in a consistent manner so other programs such as GSAK can read them properly. This announcement is telling the creators of those programs that the pocket queries will be done differently starting 8/2 and one of the changes will be the addition of Favorite point information.


The creators of the programs will be issuing updates to their programs so they will be able to display the new information.

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OK - here's another link:


I can't seem to find a possibility to search for caches favored by others besides going through their profile page. Unless the Favorite feature should be rendered completely useless I would like to see the following: 1. A possibility to search for and filter caches as well as creating Pocket Queries based on a minimum amount of votes. 2. A top list of caches for a specific region.
Yes, we plan to support searching for favorites, both on the web site and in Pocket Queries.


and this one

add a <Groundspeak:favorites>X</Groundspeak:favorites> tag to the gpx files. X is the number of favorites.
We intend to add Favorites info to the GPX files, as well as in the Public API
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