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June Statistics

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Glad to see that our group's hard work has made it to the data base, where it can be used by professionals. They don't do anyone any good sitting in the "inbox". Thanks for monitoring and for providing the updates.



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Neat, hey, what benchmark was seen in Pulaski county in Arkansas? I want to know who else is benchmarking in the state.


I've got a bunch that just missed the deadline that will fill in some counties in NE arkansas.


(or could you teach me how to search that info so I could figure it out myself?)

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Holograph, you've turned me into a map ho! When I go on vacation, I look for new counties to color in! (Okay, so I'm on vacation to color in states on my map...) Look for Branch County, Michigan, and Columbia County, Wisconsin on the next update.

I could not get to the bollard and benchmark in Guttenberg, Clayton County, Iowa, due to security fences. :(

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Here's my attempt at Branch County, Michigan...








Looks like a square monumennt, rather than round. Disk missing. Looks like it's been hit by a lawn mower a few too many times. Listed direction and distance from the MICH/IND triangular marker. I listed it in 'poor' condition.




Love these boundary markers! We don't have these back East!

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