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What to do and to cache in Australia? 2nd try...

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Hmm, this is the 2nd try, the first one probably got lost in the interwebs or something...


Guten Tag!


Behold! Huhnbeauftragter is coming to Australia.

First stop on my half-around-the-world-trip. My stay lasts from july, 3rd to july, 10th.

I do not know exactly what to do. First, I want to see the standards of Sydney. Then I have to get to Brisbane to board the plane to New Zealand.


My questions...


Are there any events to attend?

What caches can you recommend? As you can tell from my profile, I am the traditional kind of geocacher.

Do you have some general advices for me to survive this week in Australia? Especially how to get from Sydney to Brisbane. By Train? Car? Zeppelin?


Many thanks in advance!

Feel free to ask if you need additional information.


I am a little excited...first flight-trip ever...



Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter

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Quickest way to get from Sydney to Brisbane is to fly. Have a look at the following website for flight details:



You could travel by train and see a bit along the way. Have a look at NSW CountryLink:



Any of the caches around the Sydney CBD would be enjoyable. I especially recommend the following Earthcache. Great views of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the harbour itself.


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I wish I had time off work then I could take you around the hills area in Sydney!! Some awesome hides out this way! Oh hi there Calypso :)

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Thanks for the replies!


Yes, I made it to Sydney. I arrived yesterday in the early morning.

After I found accommodation, I took a walk through the City. I even got to

Mrs Macquaries Chair. Unfortunately I did not load the listing on my GPSr.

But in the evening I went on to search some Caches. And found this one:



Today I have been at Toranga Zoo (where an emu stalked me). Great place to be!

Tomorrow I will continue to explore the City. Perhaps I can manage to find some caches

near my route.

Biggest problem is time, since I will leave Sydney on wednesday afternoon.

I will take the train to Brisbane.


Ah, one more thing: where can I buy a Travelbug? I need one because the one I intended to travel

Australia can't be activated, some weird issue with the tracking-number.





Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter

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Hi again!


Don't quote me on it however I'm not sure Australia has actual shops where you can buy bugs and coins? I've only got them online. Like I said I could be wrong so hopefully someone else will chime in with a better answer,


Hope you enjoyed the zoo. Did you know about this one : http://coord.info/GCD97 ?? It's a virtual literally up the hill from the zoo. Great look at some old weaponry.


Enjoy your trip!

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So, I took the train to Brisbane last night.

I'm looking forward to find some caches here at well.



Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter


P.S.: still looking for a new TB...

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