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  1. hey guys, i was just wandering if there are any cheap places to buy ammo cans near melbourne, as i live in warragul i am planning a series and want the final to be an ammo can thanks
  2. because it is your cache it is entirely your choice, people know that if they look in the logs there might be spoilers but if it ruins the hide then I would ask them to delete it, nicely
  3. You could sell that booger to the antiques roadshow, i'm sure its worth a bit i will leave a large huntsman
  4. Did it kick you or something? no but was guarding its territory
  5. Not being allowed to drive yet and also a film can in the middle of the woods
  6. If you have ever wondered about where you might rank in your country or state, or the world well I found this site and thought that other cachers might want to have a look HERE you have to have minimum 200 finds to be shown. p.s I know its not about the numbers but it is still interesting
  7. p-90 assault rifle okjokes Basic self defence classes might help
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC3E Australias first geocache in NSW maybe ?
  9. agree totally with the garmin oregons, i have a 450 and it is perfect for it
  10. I started my geocaching adventures with a Garmin GPS 60 pricing at around $180-$220 it is easy to use because it should come with mapsource it is waterproof and strong and it gets good signal under trees
  11. It might sound like a noob question and it might have been asked earlier but is there a way to delete caches of the Garmin Oregon 450. Also can you delete caches that you have found already. Any help would be appreciated
  12. #2 . it was the gardeners first day and #3 was pretty well hidden it looked like just a piece of tree on the ground then you flip it over. and it was in an odd spot for muggles to be
  13. so in the last 15 days i have had three of my caches damaged or taken. # 1. cache was in a tree, until the tree was pulled down the the cache got destroyed # 2. a gardner came and destroyed the hiding spot and took the cache # 3. arrived at Gz to find my beloved cache smashed int tiny piece. swaps thrown everywhere and logbook buried in dirt so i was just wondering if this is bad luck, or does this happen to alot of other people ?
  14. i'm not sure but try posting in the gps and technology section of the forums there are a few blackberry users there
  15. in the last year or so, geocachers spend more time arguing and pointing fingers than actually having fun in the sun go find some caches and log them however you want to. personly i try to put as much in my logs as possible, but when you find 15 film canisters in the same day it can get hard
  16. well personally i have not had a police encounter. but just tell the police what it is all about and they should leave you alone. however try not to look very suspicous. in the more urban areas you will find the caches are smaller and there are more people around to make it harder. have fun
  17. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=81794ad4-118d-4f60-9fe4-74d630b37a1e&log=y&decrypt=" please if you have any ideas then please email me
  18. So i am starting a series of geocaches in a local nature walk.. I was just looking for some good ideas to help make it that little bit harder. thank J.K
  19. hey, i was just wondering if anyone knew where to get some good maps for Australia p.s i use an Oregon 450
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