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  1. Juchuu @all! So, back in Germany. Thank you all for your wonderful tips! This time I only managed to see the east coast of the South Island. But this means, I have to come back someday to see all the other parts of your gorgeous country! Let's see, perhaps I can make it back to NZ in two years. Needs some time to refill the travel-piggybank. Great Country, very friendly people, very impressive sceneries and loads of interesting plants and animals. Best holidays of my life. Thank you, New Zealand! lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter P.S.: took some pictures:
  2. Hope you had your winter woolies on for the snow! Hehe. Yes, got a little cold today. Two pictures I took today: Around Noon: Around 1pm: I had to stop my tour due heavy snow. So I went on for Plan B, Museum. Nevertheless, I found 10 caches this morning an had a very good time. The Museum is also a great place and after that I still was able to find the Octagon-cache. Great Day in Dunedin! Awesome city! Even saw some nudists today! lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  3. Back from the north of the south... Now I am sitting in a hotel-room in Dunedin. Last week I've been at Kaikoura and Picton. Got seasick while watching the whale and walked a part of the Queen Charlotte Track. What a great experience! This is my last week in New Zealand. I am at Dunedin till tuesday morning, then I hop on the bus to Oamaru. On thursday I go back to Chch in order to get my plane back to Europe. My plans for Dunedin so far: tomorrow strolling through the city, the day after tomorrow I will take a boatride to the peninsula. And at Oamaru, well, the penguins... I can't make it to Central Otago for the bungee-jump. So, I have to come back someday. And I certainly will! It's a very amazing, friendly and breathtaking country! See you! Liebe Grüße!! Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  4. Juchuu! Thank you, Katie! I just booked everything for the next week. On Saturday morning, I hop on the bus to Kaikoura. There I will stay two nights. I'm looking for the whales on Sunday. Monday morning I travel to Picton to stay there till Friday. There I will make plans for my last week in NZ. Most likely to see the southern part of the South Island, as recommended by Sting160675. So, my next question is: how to explore the sounds? Bye! lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter P.S.: found my first 5 caches in NZ.
  5. That sounds great. How do I get there from Chch. Train? Or would it be best to hire a car/camper? Sounds also great. Same questions as above. What is the best way to get to this places? My plan so far: arriving monday evening at Chch. Perhaps I can meet up with a friend, but he has not answered my mails. Nevertheless, I will stay a couple of days there. Then I have 2 weeks to travel around. First to the north to follow canajanz' recommendations. From there to Dunedin and finally to Central Otago, thanks for the tips, katie w and sting160675! I am not too keen to travel by car. I do posses an international driving license, so it is not a great deal to hire a car. But I am not comfortable with this thought. So, I'd prefer other ways of travelling. That's the rough plan. It can change within minutes... lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  6. So, I took the train to Brisbane last night. I'm looking forward to find some caches here at well. lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter P.S.: still looking for a new TB...
  7. Thanks for the replies! Yes, I made it to Sydney. I arrived yesterday in the early morning. After I found accommodation, I took a walk through the City. I even got to Mrs Macquaries Chair. Unfortunately I did not load the listing on my GPSr. But in the evening I went on to search some Caches. And found this one: http://coord.info/GCX5RE Today I have been at Toranga Zoo (where an emu stalked me). Great place to be! Tomorrow I will continue to explore the City. Perhaps I can manage to find some caches near my route. Biggest problem is time, since I will leave Sydney on wednesday afternoon. I will take the train to Brisbane. Ah, one more thing: where can I buy a Travelbug? I need one because the one I intended to travel Australia can't be activated, some weird issue with the tracking-number. Bye! lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  8. Ok, then I will post a picture of it to Groundspeak. But after my holiday... Thank you all! lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter P.S.: is there a TB-Shop in Sydney or Brisbane? I am in need of a TB to relase in Australia...
  9. Hehe. Thank you! Except of two "5"s none of the above mentioned characters are on this TB. And the "5"s are "5"s without the faintest doubt. Still perplexed... lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  10. Hi there! I just wanted to activate a TB but I got this back: "The Travel Bug you requested does not exist in the system." I am sure that I don't have misread the characters, no "O" or 0 involved. So, what to do in this case? lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  11. Hmm, this is the 2nd try, the first one probably got lost in the interwebs or something... Guten Tag! Behold! Huhnbeauftragter is coming to Australia. First stop on my half-around-the-world-trip. My stay lasts from july, 3rd to july, 10th. I do not know exactly what to do. First, I want to see the standards of Sydney. Then I have to get to Brisbane to board the plane to New Zealand. My questions... Are there any events to attend? What caches can you recommend? As you can tell from my profile, I am the traditional kind of geocacher. Do you have some general advices for me to survive this week in Australia? Especially how to get from Sydney to Brisbane. By Train? Car? Zeppelin? Many thanks in advance! Feel free to ask if you need additional information. I am a little excited...first flight-trip ever... lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
  12. Guten Abend! I am about to explore the South Island. From July, 12th to July, 29th. I will start my journey at Christchurch. By now, I do not have a paricular plans what to do or to see. Bungeejumping and whale-watching would be nice (perhaps at the same time... Oh, and of course trapping a penguin so I can train it to hunt rabbits. This is why I ask some questions: So, are there any Events to attend? Are there some nice Geocaching-Trails? Or some very cool caches to find? And what should one have seen in this part of New Zealand? Thanks in advance! If you need further information feel free to ask. lg Rüdiger aka Huhnbeauftragter
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